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Above is a 'WHITBY 42' sitting IN PERFECT TRIM and represents one of the most sought after yachts for Long Distance Passage Making or Liveaboard. Extended Vacationing is another fit for this very capable vessel. Click on 'Yachts for Sale' on the left to see our available listings.

Trawlers and Sailing Yachts Inc. is a brokerage service represented by Douglas Stephenson, known for his 'Yachts with Experience' specializing in Whitby 42's and other Ted Brewer cruising yachts AND more recently Trawlers.

Involved for many years in manufacturing and sales at Whitby Boat Works, Doug is amongst the foremost authorities on Whitby 42's and should be the broker of choice for anyone buying or selling a Whitby. If you are eyeing a Whitby or have one for sale, Doug likely sold the boat originally or at least is familiar with the vessel, given his tenure with the builder and subsequent brokerage business. This also applies to many of the Alberg 37s and the later Whitby 45s. The Whitby 55s were a hands-on development by Kurt Hansen but Doug had the good fortune in sharing the experience of the entire project.

Douglas Stephenson has been in the yachting field since his early 20s and is in the career of his choice. He has been associated with Whitby Boat Works for many years and was directly involved in the marketing, spec'ing, and build coordinating of many Alberg 37 and Whitby 42s until the Hansens closed Whitby Boat Works in May of 1988. He is the logical broker of choice if you are buying or selling one of these Whitby Boat Works yachts. He is expanding his knowledge and database to include Fort Myers Yacht & Shipbuilding Inc. products based on the Whitby 42, also known as the Brewer 12.8 and the Brewer 44.

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photo of 42' WHITBY BREWER Double Headsail Ketch
42' WHITBY BREWER Double Headsail Ketch
1983 US$ 129,000

This Whitby 42 with the fully rigged bowsprit and a 3' taller mast has only had 2 owners, one as particular as the other. Initially she was fresh (sweet) water sailed until 1995. Thereafter she was cruised with care and a good maintenance budget and the talent to keep her in above average condition. The vessel's equipment has been replaced and upgraded as prudent exceeding the 'need-to' standard. From a Hydraulic lift for the dinghy & 18hp O/B to 6 Kw Generator and SSB, 2 Air Conditioning Units to much more serious cruising gear, she is as ready as ever to depart on more adventures.

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