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Welcome to Yachtime.Com and thank you for visiting. We specialize in Yacht Brokerage

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Welcome to Yachtime.Com and thank you for visiting. We specialize in Yacht Brokerage

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Internet has become a part of our lives and made us a part of an international puzzle. Under a global environment it is very important to know who is standing at the end of the other line.We have been working, following and supervising some of the world's largest boat yard associations for almost the last 10 years. During this period we have gained a lot of experience in the fast growing production procedures which gave me an in-depth understanding in terms of design, performance and quality in the boating business. We can provide with accuracy comprehensive guidance on pricing the yacht but also improvements that will lead to a successful sale or purchase.


We are a licensed yacht broker, have been a member of various organizations and institutes in Athens/Greece). Among others we are a qualified cooperator of the Governments Ministry for development and competitiveness, while in 2012 we were qualified for yacht management funding.


In 2010 we have created a charter company and got involved with the charter business from the 'inside'. It is true that acting as a charter broker/manager is a totally different situation than owning a boat. We can say that today after 5 years of extensive effort and personal involvement in a boat ownership. We have a very extensive and ongoing knowledge of how this business is operated, how the boats are handled and most of the times we know the inside story of the majority of boats in the market.


Not all boats are the same. Even if we are talking about the charter boat business that big charter companies prefer to have identical models, at the end of the day each yacht is UNIQUE which means that has a unique history, use, maintenance background and eventually value. The yacht market is a market where you have to evaluate your cost of ownership, your instant emotions and true value of your asset.


We work on the theory that for every boat available for sale there is a buyer out there that we need to locate. This does not mean that this procedure is easy. It is a complex, strategic planning that at the end of the day will bring the two ends of the sale together. We get personally involved with the sale of each yacht. From the start until the end. Initially we shoot the photographs, have a deep look on each yacht separately for 2 major reasons. To advise the Sellers for possible improvements and suggestions for an efficient sale but also for being able to inform buyers (especially the ones travelling from abroad) for the condition and status of each vessel.


We understand that there are different types of buyers and sellers. Others are experts in the yacht ownership, others are just investors and some may be beginners. Regardless the type of the client our core values remain the same and should be noticeable when and if we come in contact.

  • Hard working: We work really hard and try to put all of our effort to client satisfaction. This is not just the typical words that you will find in most of the profile descriptions. We get personally involved, really love our job and try our best to deliver efficient results for our clients.
  • Good listener: We devote a lot of personal time to listen to the opinion of our clients and we try to have a full understanding of their position concerning a sale or investment goal.
  • Straightforward answers: Before we provide an answer we always consider all aspects of the situation. After having all the facts we provide you exactly our opinion and will be able to support this with our arguments
  • Honest replies: We are involved with many sectors of this industry and we would never jeopardize our name and credibility
  • Professional advice: You will receive an advice that comes from an in-depth background with strategic analysis for each plan
  • Solid status and presence in the industry: We are very active in the business and updated with all ongoing changes/evolutions. Additionally we are members of many organizations involved in the yachting business.
  • Service well beyond the signing: We are in contact with all of our clients who have remained our friends and we support them in any of their needs well after the sale is completed.

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