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Buyer's Worksheet

Here are cost items to consider when purchasing a vessel. If you would like this information in an interactive format, please contact us.
And here's a helpful On-Line Booklet courtesy of the California Department of Boating and Waterways.

Purchase Price
Sales Tax (8% in most of San Diego County)
Total Purchase Price + Tax
Amount Financed
Immediate Out-of-Pocket Expenses:
Deposit (10% of offer amount)
Engine Report (~$250/engine)
Hull/General Survey ($16-$22/foot)
Rigging Report (~$250/mast)
Haul Out ($10/ft to 40') ($12/ft 40' & up)
Misc. Services
Post-Survey and Closing Costs:
Registration (DMV $280/Doc $372-$560)
Dinghy Registration (DMV $155-$225)
Insurance (Est. $15-$20 per $1000 value)
Slip Rent ($16-$22/ft per month)
Amount Needed to Close:
Total Purchase Price
Less Amount Financed
Add Immediate Out of Pocket Expenses
Add Post Survey and Closing Costs
Less Deposit
Monthly Expenses:
Mortgage Payment
Slip Rent
Live-Aboard Fee ($200-$400/month)
Bottom Cleaning (Est. $1.30/ft)
Misc. Services
Property Tax/12 (~1% of value annually, SD County 1.1113%)
Post-Purchase Maintenance and Repairs:
Bottom Paint ($35-$60/ft)
Engine Estimate
Rigging Estimate
Canvas Estimate
Electronics Estimate
Safety Equipment Estimate


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