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Welcome to YachtEZ Import and Export LLC

Welcome to YachtEZ Import and Export LLC Having represented some of the finest European manufactured vessel lines, YachtEZ Import And Export LLC and Mark Gianassi, at the helm of the YachtEZ Group, and the capable international staff can arrange a purchase or a charter of the perfect vessel based on your personal boating requirements solely. Looking at maritime living as an ongoing education, he will give you the peace of mind knowing you have someone representing you that has learned the business from the best of teachers and has had to earn his way in the boating industry from the dock on up.
YachtEZ Import on the domestic side and YachtEZ Import And Export for all international sales is now in mutual collaboration with manufacturers domestic and international, as a full Brokerage Company with Mark Gianassi as the Broker Of Record for all trade and resale of vessels. Our marketing venue representing a stable of national and international vessels new and pre-loved, and expanding to our newest charter division for vessels of distinction and now embarking on air charter as well.
YachtEZ Import will create for your enjoyment, relaxation or retirement, an exotic destination package. Experience the Caribbean from the deck of your own personal yacht, seeing exotic grandeur, the sights and sounds of cultures and peoples dating to centuries of inhabiting some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet with the only footprints on white sandy beaches? … your own. Taste and smell cooking dramatizing historic lore stemming from the earliest European colonization of these island gems. YachtEZ Group also offers a service where we can ship your vessel to and from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean from our offices in the United Kingdom securing docking and all amenities on the European continent from Nice, France, to our shipyards and factories in Viareggio or Fano, Italy, scenery from discovering the Amalfi Coast to the Isla Sardinia. See the splendor of the French and Italian Riviera, cruising southward along the Amalfi Coast, toward the emerald waters of the Adriatic mingling into the coastal islands of Croatia amidst the splendor of Venice just a stone’s throw away. YachtEZ’s team of contracted agents are the finest in the industry and represents the top percentile in their field. Our client’s enjoy the advantage of experienced Company technicians under the guidance of master marine tech Robert Baranowski, of Florida’s Robert’s Marine Service, Inc. Our technical staff under Mr. Baranowski’s direction, is tried and proven to be the best in the business, and each technician must pass a rigid performance schedule before being added to our personal dock diagnostic service team, performing preventative maintenance programs at our yard or at home docking of each client. Each technician on staff having an average of 20-years experience in South Florida boating maintenance and repair. Export of our USA build, has opened manufacturers territories the world over including European countries surrounding the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean Seas, from our offices in Roma and Isla de Sardinia, Italia, and Cannes, on the shores of the Med in the South of France. Around the globe, the South Pacific including Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, Central and South America and Senegal, the Gold Coast of Africa, to islands of the Indian Ocean from our home base in Miami, Florida, USA. Mark Gianassi and his international team of brokers and builders, have built and sent boats the world over.


For all issues on any of our vessels whether new, brokerage, or as a retrofit, all warranty is handled in-house personally approved by Managing Director Mark Gianassi, knowing that the success of any boat business is service and reliability. The key to YachtEZ success for now nearly 20-years in business, was and is to give the fastest and most complete analysis of any problem for our owners complete satisfaction. Our new company motto from land, sea, and now air service and delivery… “Anything, Any place, Any time” says it all.
Make your important investment with expert advice and service ensuring your new yacht will suit your needs and give you years of satisfying service and value, and know if you are choosing a DOMINATOR, there is no one who knows more about the line that yours truly and YachtEZ Import And Export.
YachtEZ Group hopes this will serve as an introduction to the newest generation and standard of excellence of yacht building, brokerage, and management companies for the new millennium. At YachtEZ we understand our client’s mindset, we create and sell the dream, knowing it is all about the view………

We welcome you to join our family of satisfied owners and chartering clients… and embark on a voyage of comfort and confidence knowing that you have made a wise choice. We wish you good weather, smooth seas and great yachting!



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