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Fox Lane Boats of N. Salem, NY - AVAILABLE at WJKYachts

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Fox Lane Boats of N. Salem, NY - AVAILABLE at WJKYachts

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East Port Pram Built by Fox Lane Boats of North Salem, NY

The Eastport Pram, with more than 800 built, is one of the most popular small dinghies in the world. Classic good looks, stand-out performance, and ease of construction are hallmarks of this John C. Harris design.

The Eastport Pram has a deep rocker for low wetted surface and to keep the transoms from dragging. The result is a boat that is as easy and satisfying to row as you can expect on such a short waterline. Used as a tender to a larger boat, or kept at a dock, it's possible to undertake a long afternoon row around the local waters without breaking a sweat.

The Eastport Pram’s many joys are multiplied when you add the sailing rig. Not a clumsy add-on, the large standing-lug sail, efficient rudder and dagger-board convert the pram into a proper sailboat with enough real performance, upwind and down, to keep the most seasoned sailors interested. The 48-inch beam means that the likelihood of capsize is remote as long as the sheet is never tied down. This is the perfect craft in which to learn to sail, whether the crew is age 8 or 80.

Small tenders should be able to withstand heavy handling alongside the mother-ship or in the dinghy park. Planking is 6mm okoume throughout, with three 9mm frames and seats. There’s a big, deep skeg for tracking under tow. In addition to multiple layers of fiberglass on the bottom panel, there are two cypress rubbing strips on the bottom to take the abrasion of dragging on a beach. For added safety, permanent flotation tanks are built in beneath the seats.

"Rowing from the center seat with the spoon-bladed oars moves the boat with a minimum effort, and it sails in just a ghost of a breeze. It punches through chop and boat wakes more easily than might be expected from such a light boat . . . - Good Old Boat Magazine

East Port Pram by Fox Lane Boat of North Salem, NY

Length: 7’9” Beam: 46”

Hull Weight: 62 lbs. Max. Payload: 375 lbs.

Rowing Draft: 5” Sailing Draft: 25” Sail Area: 42 sq. ft.

• Hull Painted – Hatteras Off-white (primed + 3 coats of paint)
• Interior finished with 4 coats of varnish
• Two Rowing Positions
• 1 Set of Brass Closed Oar Locks
• 1 Set Leathered Spooned Oars
• Sailing Package:
o Mast & equipment
o Sail
o Sheet
o Rudder
o Tiller

Selling Price………………………………………………..$ 2,500.00 *
*Price does not include cradle

Rule 90 “Have Fun”

Located at the Milford Boat Works -1 High Street, Milford, CT 06460 - Tel: (203) 878-6373 ~ Fax: (203) 876-1030

Wm. J. Kolkmeyer Yachts, LLC image ANNAPOLIS WHERRY (Chesapeke Light Craft) built by FOX LANE BOATS of North Salem , NY

The Annapolis Wherry offers thoroughbred performance on the water combined with breathtaking grace. The Annapolis Wherry has been turning heads since 1997, with hundreds and hundreds built all over the world. Solid stability, sea kindly lines, excellent tracking, a buoyant bow, and ample flare make the Wherry a natural choice for rowing in choppy conditions. The open design allows for plenty of sprawling and a picnic basket when beach cruising. Stability is strong for a performance rowing boat: you can step into the boat from a dock and even stand up. However, the narrow waterline means that the Annapolis Wherry is as fast as many rec shells, sprinting at 7 knots and cruising at 4-5 knots. At this speed you could cover 30 or 40 miles in a day. We hear of Wherries being used for camping and fishing expeditions. The Annapolis Wherry is at its best with a sliding seat (Optional). From the beginning the interior was designed around a Piantedosi Row Wing, the nicest sliding seat unit on the market. Used with a sliding seat, the Wherry might be unsurpassed as a rowing trainer, exercise boat, long-distance cruiser, or even for open water racing. Construction uses Chesapeake Light Craft

Wm. J. Kolkmeyer Yachts, LLC image SKERRY (Chesapeke Light Craft) built by FOX LANE BOATS of North Salem, NY

The Skerry design combines elements of traditional working craft of the British Isles and Scandinavia, with a little bit of American Swampscott Dory thrown in. The blend of historical antecedents yields excellent performance under sail or oar, along with good looks and ease of construction in plywood. This John C. Harris design fuses excellent rowing and sailing qualities into one attractive craft. Sail when there's wind, row when there's not. You'll cover the miles either way. She

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