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Shrink Wrap Recycling & Other Materials

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How to prepare the shrink wrap for recycling

*Remove all doors, zippers, vents, rope, ribbon strapping (belly bands), and any other non-shrink wrap materials (packing labels,etc). Doors and vents in good conditioned can be saved and reused. Other materials that cannot be reused should be disposed on in regular trash or proper recycling bins.
*Keep shrink wrap dry and free from dirt and other debris that can hinder the recycling process, devaluing the shrink wrap. When rolling the material, keep it as clean as possible. If necessary, roll it on a tarp or other ground covering.

How to roll and store shrink wrap.

*Roll and tie into a bundle that is between 4'-5' wide. Use a cut strip from the end to tie roll. Rolling this way maximizes the amount of space inside the dumpster/recycling container.
*Store rolled shrink wrap in a plastic bag or other container to prevent contamination from water, dirt and other debris.

Sacrificial Anodes(Zinc)

Zinc and aluminum anodes are widely used in the marine industry to help prevent galvanic corrosion on exposed engine, steering and propulsion components.
*Check with your town recycling center or marine supply business for disposal options.

Mercury-Containing Devices

Devices like float switches and thermostats may contain mercury, a substance that creates potential environmental problems because it can accumulate in the flesh of marine organisms. Consumption of fish of shellfish with high levels of mercury may cause health problems.
*Dispose of mercury-containing devices through a hazardous waste disposal company:or
*Dispose of these devices as household hazardous waste on the appropriate collection days.

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