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Welcome to Wagner Stevens Yachts

Wagner Stevens Yachts is the marketing name under which Passport Yachts operates and is principally engaged in the manufacturing, importation and retail sales of their own exclusive yacht designs. Based, in Annapolis, Maryland the corporation, along with all of the production tooling, is privately owned and managed.

Passport Yachts began its legacy in 1979 with the idea that a finely crafted semi-custom yacht could be built to the same standards as world-renowned luxury yachts, at a fraction of the cost. By engaging notable yacht designers such as Bill Dixon and Robert H. Perry, building in yards employing only the best craftsmen, Passport Yachts has, and continues to fulfill this ideal at prices comparable to production yacht manufacturers. Today, there are hundreds of Passports cruising all over the world.

The Passport line:

Passport Custom 456 Center and Aft Cockpit

Passport Custom 470 Center and Aft Cockpit

Passport Vista 485 Aft Cockpit

Passport Vista 515 Center and Aft Cockpit

Passport Vista 545 Center Cockpit

Passport Vista 585 Twin Cockpit

Passport Vista 615 Twin Cockpit

Additionally, Wagner Stevens Yachts maintains a constant selection of previously owned well-maintained high quality yachts. As a member of the Yacht Brokers Association of America you can be assured of integrity, honesty and professionalism.

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