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Welcome to VIP Marina, home of the best gas deal on Lake Travis and so much more. VIP Marina gets its name not from an advertising slogan but rather from our sincere desire to be the most hospitable and customer-oriented marina in the entire country, not just on Lake Travis. Our goal is to infuse Austin’s world-famous hospitality with the goods and services that customers should expect of any business putting VIP in its name at a price we can all afford.

Here’s how we live up to our name and our reputation as the finest marina in the Austin area:

• The most dedicated customer service staff on Lake Travis. Period. Our staff firmly believe in our vision of a VIP arena where our members are treated as our honored guests. Whoever said that southern hospitality was dead hasn’t met any of our staff members.
• Need help moving bags or other items to or from your boat? No problem! Let us know and we’ll be happy to pick you up and offer friendly assistance with your gear.
• Want to keep a close eye on your boat? We just installed a top of the line surveillance system that is monitored by VIP. As an option, we can setup personal access for you to monitor your boat. We also have a night watchmen that patrols the docks at VIP.
• Amazing local services and goods. We’re an Austin owned marina and we believe firmly in doing business with other local companies whenever possible. To that end we are the home of Airscape Parasailing, Flagship Towing, Austintatious, Volente Boat Club, and offer a wide array of Texas-based products and services such as eProstar Coffee and fine wines from Pedernales Cellars.
• The best gas deal on Lake Travis. Just like other marinas know that their customers have little choice when it comes to goods and services, they also know that they have little choice when it comes to fuel. Again, we believe in the traditional Texan ways of treating our guests and that doesn’t include gouging them at the pump. Big companies that run marinas might do things this way, but this is not the Austin way. By the way, you NEVER have to pump your own gas at VIP Marina because that would be anything but a VIP experience.
• Events just for you. We have events scheduled around the calendar year designed to make your experience at VIP Marinas more entertaining. After all, you would get to know your neighbors wouldn’t you? So why not get to know the other great VIPs and our staff here at VIP Marina? Some of the best people in Austin keep their boats right here at VIP Marina.


1119 Marina Point Dr.
Strawn, TX 76475, United States

Tel 254-592-1142
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