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YachtWorld University image Welcome to the YachtWorld University website.

We are still working on this year's schedule and hope to announce it shortly. was founded in 1995 to help yacht brokers advertise and manage their listing inventory and websites on the Internet, and to facilitate co-brokerage activity via the BoatWizard MLS. Today YachtWorld has over 2500 yacht brokerage firm members representing over 115,000 boats for sale in 116 countries. About one third of our broker/members are also new boat dealers.

Every year we provide more services to members and improve, and Interestingly, one challenge has been to communicate new utilities, tools, products and service to our members so they receive greater value. Boat buyers and sellers are becoming more internet savvy and increasingly have greater expectations from yacht brokers. Although we notify members of additions and changes by email, and post notices on the BoatWizard homepage and email archive, you asked us to visit you for some hands-on training. You are right, of course, so we created YachtWorld University and took our show on the road. Since 2005, over 2000 members have attended 50 workshops around the US, Canada and in Europe.

One segment of YWU is dedicated to reviewing YachtWorld, your listings and your websites through the eyes of the buyer/seller. In each city, we review the listings and websites of the brokers in the city we are visiting. Sometimes we can't find great examples, but we can always find poor examples, thus this website. It is intended to display some of the best features you can easily add to your own YachtWorld website.

Your competition is growing. Buyers and sellers around the world are viewing your listings and websites and we will show you how to get them to pay more attention to you. We'll show you how to work more productively, efficiently and cooperatively to maintain a competitive edge over the broker next door. We'll show you how to calculate the value of our service, including the return on your subscription investment, and compare the value to other choices you may have. We'll suggest additional services we offer that you may want to consider buying, depending on whether you are new boat dealer, charter company, a one-man show, or large multi-office group.

YachtWorld University and Yacht Brokerage University are full day programs that we present to our clients throughout the United States and Europe. When is presenting in conjunction with a major brokerage association the event is called Yacht Brokerage University. These events include speakers specifically addressing issues other than Events that hosts without a brokerage association are branded YachtWorld University and are exclusively focused on how to better market your boats online.

Somewhere in the world we are open 21 hours a day. Our US or European CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENTS will help you through extended office hours by phone or email. You have your own regional sales manager to help you assess your needs. Our Vancouver office houses our technical team and outside of office hours someone is on page 24/7 for site emergencies. We look forward to helping you help your customers buy or sell their boat using your services because you are, after all, our only business.


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