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Bavaria sailing yachts are 33' – 56' cruising boats, designed with performance edge, and ease of handling in mind. Built by skilled craftsmen (some boat builders at the Bavaria yard have been there 30 years) combined with computer-aided, state-of-the art manufacturing processes. Bavaria combines quality German engineering with collaborative design expertise from Farr Yacht Design and BMW Designworks USA. Teaming up with market leaders in yacht, ergonomic and interior design takes Bavaria to best in class when it comes to delivering well engineered and constructed sailing yachts with powerful lines and innovative features. Over three decades of refining the production process keeps the pricing affordable and the Bavaria as an outstanding value luxury yacht.
The Bavaria shipyard is the single, largest yacht production facility in the world with 650 employees, (and a few robots) capable of delivering over 3,500 boats per year to new owners worldwide. All Bavaria yachts are produced to order which enables wider customization of individual yachts and more flexible ownership options.

True North Yachts Ltd. image Bavaria has just released the newest and largest of their sailing fleet the New Bavaria Cruiser 56.

For those of you who have been waiting for a vessel that is German crafted and engineered boat that is capable of being suited to your individual taste and yet remain affordable need not wait any longer. Various interior layout, a selection of furnishing woods below, an assortment of floor finished and a wide selection of fabrics allows the discriminating owner to order the boat to their discerning tastes.

The new hull design has extra-wide berths in the aft which are comfortable sleeping accommodation throughout and space is the theme of reconfigurable cockpit around two steering wheels — long bench seats and easily accessible lines allowing the Cruiser 56 to be steered while sitting.

Bavaria continued the yacht’s new hull produces maximum sailing performance but maintaining easy-to-handle characteristics despite her size. Opt for both bow and stern options make getting on and off the dock as well as maneuvering in tight spaces very easy.

Intelligent design solutions and options plus reconfiguration systems and numerous layouts allow the Cruiser 56 to be adapted for all purposes and to suit owners’ individual tastes.

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Also new from Bavaria is the 33. Stylish, elegant and build to the highest possible yacht design standards, the new 33, like the other boats in the Bavaria lineup, offers quality and styling to their lineup that will make other builders stand up and take notice.


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