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Tommy Tiptons Lauderdale Yacht Sales image Tommy Tipton -- The Biggest Name In Power Yacht Sales Tommy Tipton is undoubtedly the most recognizable name in the Bay Area when the subject of power yacht sales comes up. And,its something Tipton is darned proud of.

Now owner of Lauderdale Yacht Sales, Tipton is using his name and reputation to continue an outstanding sales career that began decades ago. Now, at the top of his field and in control of his own destiny, Tipton is sure customers will come calling at the sound of his name.

I have to admit that one of the biggest reasons I started Lauderdale Yacht Sales on my own was due to the overwhelming support I received from past customers and friends in the field, says Tipton, who began LYS last April.

Tommy Tiptons Lauderdale Yacht Sales image This was really the perfect time to do this. I received about 70 calls in a two week period from people encouraging me to do this on my own. I have at times worked for someone else, but I really enjoy this. I really believe Lauderdale Yacht Sales will develop a reputation and one of the finest and dependable brokerage firms in the Bay Area. After all, Ive staked my name to it.

Tipton has sold everything from cars to raw land and real estate in his career. But, while he may have spent decades selling other amenities, Tipton also purchased numerous boats for personal use. One day he had to know the water would come calling.

I built a relationship with Louis Delhomme through having purchased several boats from him over the years, recalls Tipton. I had mentioned to Louis on several occasions that I wanted to sell boats. His response was always something like Ah, no you dont or Thats not for you. I dont know if he was trying to protect me from the business or what, but I finally started selling for Delhomme at one of the Dallas stores about seven years ago. In the beginning I was selling anything 29 and down. But, eventually, I moved up to selling the bigger power yachts. I never really knew in the beginning if I could sell one of the bigger ones or not, but I sure wanted the chance.

Tommy Tiptons Lauderdale Yacht Sales image Tipton worked for Delhomme in Dallas for about two years before coming to Houston. Tipton and Delhomme continued to build both their personal and business relationships locally, and while Delhomme has now been retired for several years, Tipton wont soon forget the name who gave him his start.

Louis Delhomme was an icon in this business, and I simply cannot say enough great things about him, says Tipton. We were on a real upward climb for several years leading up to his retirement, so obviously I am extremely proud of some of the things we did together. That is a time in my life I wont ever forget.

Tommy Tiptons Lauderdale Yacht Sales image To this day, Tipton employs the axiom that honesty and integrity comes first, that there is no room for deception and half truths in sales.

I was always taught in sales that there are two kinds of customers, says Tipton. There are those who are glad they dealt with you, and there are those who are mad. The guy who is glad may never say anything good about you to anybody else, but the made ones may bad mouth you to everyone he knows for a week, a month or years. In that respect, I have always strived to build personal relationships with those I work with. Everybody wants to be treated fairly. Word of mouth can be great advertising for you, and I feel like I have had my name circulated well through positive word of mouth efforts.

While Tipton has for many years worked hard at building a name for himself in the Bay Area, he has also given freely of his personal time to numerous local causes. This year, he is for the fourth time heading up the Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers Associations (GCYBA) Diamonds and Deck Shoes Casino Night at the South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center. The event raises funds for the SunShine Kids, and while last years tills raised nearly $40,000, Tipton and so many others involved are shooting for $100,000.

The Diamonds and Deck Shoes event is something that means a lot to me and to so many others, says Tipton. Those SunShine Kids need our help, and I am absolutely willing to do my part. Im presently President of the GCYBA and was the GCYBAs Broker of the Year in 1997, but its not about that. Its about playing a positive and caring role in your community. Ill always strive to do that.

At present, Tipton and associate Clay Sanders have 24 brokerage power yachts available throughout the Bay Area. But, through the internet and various other avenues, Tipton expects to more than double that number very soon. Along those lines, he may just draw one his single greatest reserve -- his name. After all, Tommy Tipton owns the most recognizable name in the power yacht business.

Give Tommy a call at 713.299.0102 You can also e-mail them at lauderdaleyachtsales@gmail.com


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