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Who is Talbot Freeman ?

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A true man of the sea!

The son of a Maine boat builder, born in 1964 in coastal Camden, Maine (Payton Place), Mr. Freeman comes from the famous "Morse" Shipbuilding family heritage from Bath, Maine, spanning 150 years of building the largest Transatlantic and Coastal Trade Schooners in the world! These Schooners were the "backbone" of commercial trade and helped build our Nation. Furthermore, Talbot's Great Grandmother, "Evelyn Humphrey Barnum" had custom built the famous 62' Sparkman & Stevens Gaff Rigged Schooner "Brilliant" launched in NY in 1932. "Brilliant" won the Transatlantic Speed Record in 1933, then went on to win the Bermuda Race, served in WWII duty, is beautifully restored and now resides in Mystic, Connecticut at the Mystic Seaport Museum as a student training vessel and on display. Talbot's Grandfather (Major Talbot O. Freeman, Sr.) was a great man and loved yachts too. A Yale graduate, he was also a decorated WWI Aviator, VP/Co-founder of Pepsi Cola, Co., Co-founder Federal Broadcasting Corp , and President of Colonial Airlines (became Pan Am). Talbot's father (Talbot O. Freeman, Jr.) stayed closer to the sea working as an Architect and Wooden Boat Builder for years at Penobscot Bay Boatworks, in Rockport, Maine.

Talbot started his own yachting career very young indeed, purchasing his first boat in 1975 with his Dad and then in 1987 purchasing and restoring a classic 60' MY and a 50' Grand Banks Trawler after attending the University of Maine for Business. Talbot became a licensed 100 Ton USCG Ocean Master of Power vessels and ran his own Yacht Charter and Commercial Diving business in Portland, Maine where he restored and lived aboard his beloved 60' MY "Brilliant Lady" at DiMillo's Marina, Portland, Maine while also working full time in commercial banking and Marine Finance. Talbot managed the repair and sale of hundreds of Yachts as Marine Asset Manager for Key Bank, one of the largest Marine lenders in the US at that time. He helped Key Bank increase their marine portfolio by $300M in a few short years as Marine Asset Manager! He then sold his restored 60' Motoryacht and moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, becoming a licensed and insured Florida yacht broker in 1992.

All that family and personal Maritime experience led Talbot to become a Florida Yacht Broker with the highly respected Frank Gordon Yacht Sales, Bahia Mar Marina. Then, in 1997, Mr. Freeman began selling motoryachts over 100' in size and therefore moved to Westship Yacht Sales in Ft Lauderdale, builders of very high quality 92' to 140' Westship Yachts that later became Westport.

After so many years of earning the respect of his peers and clients, Talbot opened his own brokerage (TFA Yachts) in December 2000 on SE 17th Street Causeway. In 2002, TFA Yachts strategically moved offices to Lauderdale Marina on SE 15th Street to get closer to the water, where they remain today. Talbot's personal career sales exceed 250 million dollars to date and he has managed the refit of many dozens of yachts. Talbot has earned a life of diverse personal and professional marine industry and yachting experience making him one of the most "ideal brokers" you can hope to find. Talbot's Maine work ethics, Marine Finance/ Commercial Banking background, and family heritage are just an added bonus!

You are in good hands when you call Talbot Freeman & Associates, Inc!

Talbot Freeman & Associates, Inc.

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