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Wallace Yacht Company image Do you remember the popularity of Tourist Delivery with the European auto makers? You would order a Porsche, BMW or Mercedes, pick it up at the factory and tour Europe. When you were done, you dropped the car off back at the factory and it was prepped and shipped back home to you.

Wallace Yacht Company is located in one of the most beautiful and vast areas of cruising in the world. Please visit the links on the Home Page to Port Townsend and the surrounding area. If you have not been here, please take a few moments to check out the San Juan Islands, Port Townsend, cities like Seattle and Vancouver B.C. on the internet.

This picture was taken in Desolation Sound. The scenery, whales and other wildlife are in a word breathtaking. The 4th of July on the sound is spectacular.

Should you not live here, but find your boat here, your acquisition can also provide lifetime memories like no other purchase you have ever made.

Upon conclusion of your transaction, consider taking a little time off and getting to know your yacht in what many of us feel is the most beautiful area in the world.

After you spend some vacation time enjoying some of the finest cruising you could ever hope for, Tacoma Yacht Sales will assist in prepping your yacht for shipment, arranging for transportation and sending your boat home to you.

Walter Wallace, the owner, has worked with the tourist delivery department at Porsche and will be happy to apply the same concept to your purchase here. The associated additional costs may be able to be included in your purchase price. This service is even offered free of charge on one of our current listings.

Tourist Delivery.....quite possibly one of the most memorable activites of your life.

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