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Comments found on line about buying and owning a Sailing Yacht:

"Having a broker working for you as the BUYER is not required, but it will make seeing an assortment of available boats easier and more efficient to arrange for you. Since the seller pays the broker/s, you might as well take advantage of one."

"I can recommend Warren Trafton at Sailing Yachts Rhode Island. He is a good guy."

"I'll second the recommendation of Warren Trafton. I bought my current boat through Warren and found him to be very helpful, professional, knowledgable and not at all pushy. In fact, he sealed the deal by knowing exactly the right moment to shut up and walk away so my wife and I could look and talk privately, then being close enough to call over for a few last questions."

"I'd recommend someone like Warren Trafton, even though he works out of RI - he is extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. I plan to have him list my boat... To me the value of "working" with a broker as a buyer is he can bring to the process years of vessel and yachting experience that simplifies the tire-kicking process for you the buyer. He can save you a lot of time and travel, both based on his knowledge of whats worth looking at, and his ability to extract information from the listing broker that you might not get. By working with a broker I mean turning the whole search process over to him - tell him your needs, expectations and budget and then let him lead."

"Looking at boats can be fun - if one wants the full tire-kicking experience, such as taking a weekend to fly from Boston to Annapolis to see an ideal boat, but finding it not worth stepping aboard, then go it alone. I personnally think you end up paying the same for a broker boat whether there's a second broker involved or not, if that's true, your use of "your" broker is free..."

"I can also recommend Warren. I just bought a boat that he brokered. Warren was honest, knowledable, and a pleasure to deal with. He did everything he said he would do."

"In the past twelve years, Warren Trafton has successfully brokered over 300 Sailing Yachts! This gives him a strong customer base, and vast knowledge of yacht design, construction, and performance.

He is a lifelong sailor with in depth knowledge of sailing as a sport and lifestyle. Formerly, Senior Instructor - Offshore Sailing School, and currently a licensed Merchant Marine Sailing Master.

He helps buyers find the right sailing yacht and the enjoyment of life under sail."

"Through the Yacht World Multiple Listing System, Warren can co-broker all of the yachts listed."

"You are not just buying a sailboat. You are buying quality of life style. When under sail, you’ll notice how easy it is to leave stress behind. Yachting is a fun way to make new friends, and strengthen family ties. This enriching sport provides many opportunities for self discovery, whether it is learning new sailing skills, or simply enjoying the warm glow of an evening sunset."

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