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Welcome to Sunseeker-Asia

unseeker Asia Ltd was set in August 2003. From being a customer since 1992, I had returned to Hong Kong from living in London for over 23 years and launching the Sunseeker brand in HK for the first time. My priority was to set up a service centre in Po Chong Wan since there was no local agent looking after our previous Tomawk 37, Apache 45 and the Superhawk 48. The first batch of Sunseekers sold to Hong Kong under Sunseeker Asia included a Yacht 94, Manhattan 74, two Manhattan 56s, another Superhawk 48 as well as our own Predator 55 in 2003.


Sunseeker Asia

19 Po Chong Wan
Shum Wan Road
Hong Kong, China

Tel +85291276847
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