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Introducing the Blue Jacket 40 - CRUISING WORLDS 2014 DOMESTIC BOAT OF THE YEAR!

Suncoast Yachts image The Blue Jacket 40 is the first in a series and has been designed by Tim Jackett (ex-President and Chief Designer at Tartan and C&C) in collaboration with Bob Johnson (CEO and Chief Designer at Island Packet). With 15 Boat of the Year award-winning designs between them, the new Blue Jacket 40 embodies the creativity and broad-based experience these noted designers have displayed over the past 30 plus years, melding the performance prowess of Jackett with the cruising focus and manufacturing acumen of Johnson and Island Packet.

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This modern interpretation of a performance cruiser features either a three-cabin arrangement (or an optional two-cabin layout) with the amenities and build quality expected of a luxury sailing yacht. The powerful and versatile Solent-type sailplan features a working jib with self-tending Hoyt Boom� along with a large reacher for offwind work. Twin wheels and a large cockpit enhance both sailing and socializing, and all frequently used sail controls are convenient to the cockpit. Construction features 100% VE resin infusion technology with Divinycell� coring for both hull and deck. Fit, finish and materials and equipment selections typify the high standards of Island Packet.

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With Island Packet’s international acclaim for exemplary product quality, value and its long history of award-winning customer satisfaction, the Blue Jacket 40 represents a bold and important new entry into the performance cruising sailboat market.

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