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The brokerage division grew out of the success of STUART YACHT BUILDERS operations in 1970 and was incorporated in 1981. Management realized there was a real value to yacht owners and prospective buyers in having a full service brokerage firm that had direct access to the technical capabilities of the boat yard and its staff. Since 1970 the brokerage division has maintained the highest level of professionalism and integrity and, as a result, has grown steadily over the years. STUART YACHT SALES is now one of the most respected firms on the Treasure Coast.

The brokerage division has a very simple mission: To make the process of buying or selling a yacht an enjoyable, stress-free experience and to ensure that the interests and goals of each client are given the absolute highest priority.

Years of marine experience are represented by the people at STUART YACHT SALES and success is measured by your satisfaction.

A Central Listing with STUART YACHT SALES ensures your vessel will be visible to hundreds of Brokers and Buyers nationwide and internationally. We advertise on leading marine internet web sites, including our own web site which contains complete listing information and photos on each of our listings. Display and classified photo advertisements in national and regional marine publications ensure your vessel is well marketed. We maintain contact with more than 100 corresponding brokers nationally and participate in the most relevant of Southern Florida Boat shows.

STUART YACHT SALES has the distinct advantage of its association with Stuart Yacht Harbour, one of the most well regarded full service yacht maintenance and construction facility in South Florida.

If you are buying a yacht, your STUART YACHT SALES Broker will assist in locating the right yacht, evaluate the general condition, determine an appropriate value, and assist in arranging surveys, financing, and possibly even a location to keep your vessel.

If you are selling a yacht, your STUART YACHT SALES Broker will help you establish an appropriate asking price, market the yacht, present the yacht to buyers and brokers, and prepare all of the necessary paperwork to meet individual, state and federal requirements.

We always puts our client's interests first.

Whether buying or selling, your STUART YACHT SALES Broker is part of a professional team providing the latest technology, service, and support, necessary to accomplish your a reasonable period of time.

Stuart Yacht Sales image If you are shopping for a yacht…we can help!

INFO: South Florida has the largest number of pre-owned yachts on the market and we are within two hours of every one of them...East and West coast!

FINDING THE RIGHT YACHT: As you probably already know, is not an easy undertaking. Our team can help ease the process by working closely with you to understand your needs and objectives. Finding and selecting the right pre-owned yacht is often a confusing and laborious task of evaluating the trade-offs and compromises found in each alternative. By using our experience, our resources and the technology at our disposal, we can quickly narrow the field and allow you, the client, to focus on the vessels most likely to meet your needs. Once the actual viewing and inspection process starts, the years of experience each of our staff provides, will expedite the process and ensure that any problems with the vessel will surface early, before investments are made in surveys and sea trials. Our staff also assists in arranging professional surveyors to, once again, make sure your interests are protected to the maximum extent possible. Our staff will be glad to provide information for selecting financing, marine insurance or assist with other special requirements. All pre-purchase support is provided at no cost to the buyer, all commissions are paid by the seller.

RELATIONSHIPS AND CONTRACTS: One of the aces in our resource inventory is the many professional relationships we've cultivated over the years with other yacht brokers in the industry. This network of corresponding brokers allows us to obtain information and cooperation that is sometimes not available to other brokers. Although we use the Yacht World multiple listing service extensively, we often find "gems" not listed, or special situations not yet available to the public.

IN-HOUSE LISTINGS: On the sales side of the coin, we also represent sellers in the marketing of their yachts. Unlike many brokers, we do not attempt to list hundreds of vessels, but rather seek out local yachts of above average quality and condition.

If you own a yacht you would like to sell...We can help!

There are two fundamentals in selling a yacht

Establishing a realistic price, then...

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

Our professionals will do the homework to assist you in establishing a realistic price, based on the current market, for your yacht. Without giving away all our secrets to the competition, we go through several steps (which we will be glad to share with you) to ensure that you are establishing the maximum price that will allow the yacht to sell in the timeframe you desire.

Once the price is decided, our real work begins. Our marketing efforts are multi-faceted and focus on the unique characteristics of each yacht. We advertise in national publications, regional media, and on the Internet. We believe the Internet gives your yacht the greatest exposure, as it is global and 95% of our leads are from the Internet. We ensure the best quality listing specifications are developed and brought up on one or more major multiple listing Internet sites. We then make an extra effort to bring each yacht to the attention of corresponding brokers with whom we have a close working relationship. Next, we do a complete photo shoot of each yacht and use those photos to develop a custom brochure highlighting the condition and unique characteristics of your yacht. This is extremely valuable, in that a large percentage of our clientele is from out of state and the color brochures assist in bringing the buyer to a point where they feel comfortable investing the time and money to visit the yacht. We have also added video walk-throughs to our YachtWorld listings that is also broadcast on YouTube. Please take the time to review one of these brochures in the LISTINGS area of the STUART YACHT SALES port.

The internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools; Stuart Yacht Sales not only maintains its own web site but may use other major web sites in its advertising depending on that particular vessel's market:

All of these sites provide information on our listings and will direct the client to for further information.

Last but not least, our professionalism when showing each vessel makes a significant difference. We make sure that a broker/salesperson familiar with your yacht is present for all showings; that each potential buyer has the best information available on the yacht, and concludes their visit feeling they have dealt with professionals they trust!

It has been said that there is a buyer for every yacht. The trick is to find "that one buyer" and to present your yacht in a manner that convinces the buyers that your yacht is the right yacht for them. We are up to the challenge and welcome the opportunity to SELL YOUR YACHT!

Stuart is an excellent location to dock/store a yacht while it is on the market. Unlike locations to the South, costs are generally lower and security better, and your yacht is less likely to get lost in the crowd. Our clients appreciate the more relaxed atmosphere and personalized attention that we provide.

STUART YACHT SALES understands that there are thousands of pre-owned yachts on the market and if your yacht is going to sell quickly and at a reasonable price, we have to work harder, smarter, and more professionally than our competitors. Our only measure of success is your satisfaction!


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