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Miami/Palm Beach Show synopsis

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2015 What's happening in the pleasure boating business?



Miami/Palm Beach Show synopsis

Once again the 2015 Miami/Palm Beach shows have come and gone. Some are very happy, some are happy and some are saying what happened?
Quickly here's what did happen that is.
1. Attendance was up; but the show promoters in their wisdom either do not keep records of attendance or don't want us to know the numbers.
2. Pent up demand was evident and buyers were cautious, tough and well prepared. Ah, the internet is getting easier for buyers to use. Good for them.
3. Left over inventory got sold; Hatteras, Tiara, Palm Beach, Viking (lots of new orders), Sea Ray to name a few.
4. Brokerage was a buyers delight. If you were willing to listen to offers, you could sell. If not the buyers walked down the dock to find another.
5. Perhaps there is a little more confidence in govt not spending willy nilly since the election. If so that bodes well for our industry.
6. Prediction: Another tough year for new boat builders and dealers. Consolidation will occur, the industry will shrink farther, newer more fuel efficient vessels will emerge to take over an even larger segment of the market.
Zeus drive for a single engine application? Long over due and it will be well received. Additional "POD's" are now available for IO's, Outboards & boats equipped with conventional drives plus bow/stern thrusters!
Watch Back Cove and others get on board! And watch the baby boomers bring us out of the doldrums, they have money and are not afraid to use it! DAY BOATS is the huge cry. Let's have lot's of fun with out the cruising. Huge shift in how Americans are boating!

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