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2015 What's happening in the pleasure boating business?




7/28/2015: It's 3:15 am, do you know where your boat is? Like most of us in the slip or better yet rack stored or in the boat house or on the trailer or or or? Take a half an hour to get to your boat at the end of the day as late as you can & still see. Then just get aboard & listen. Listen to the sounds of boating in your world. Your vessel will tell you a lot about herself if you LISTEN. Waves lapping, pump running too fast, charger, head pump, fresh water pump, air/heat cycling, fish bumping the bottom, lines too tight jerky or too loose drifty or power cables scraping or what ever the sounds you hear all is well or attention needed. Take a half an hour to listen to your boat! 7/27/2015: Mondays in Michigan during the "season" boating that is are always filled with surprises. Some Mondays there are few or no calls from weekend disasters. Some are filled with constant recurring calls for service help. Transmissions, motors that won't start, starters that won't start, torn sails, bound up windlass, bent props, broken shafts, grounded boats and countless other issues. We live in an area that time for boating is precious & down time is super valuable. It's our job to work through each & every item that's BROKE so you can get back on the water asap! Being human some of us are better at it than others, but one thing over the years I've learned it is much more inviting to hear "Joe, I need some help" vs "Joe, you gotta get me going now!" Remember Joe has a life too. Working together, toward the goal of getting the boat operating again is what we all want. Let that roll around with your morning coffee. Thanks, 7/26/2015-Sunday When God made his first boat He made it BIG. The ark was a commercial vessel, but I think it was a boat that was fun too! 7/25/2015 From our vantage point in HOLLAND, MI, the stunning "day boat" effect could not be more evident than in TIARA'S recent launch of the Q-44. It's in the water & being tested, shown to prospects & evaluated as the next TIARA Hit.
Guess what? It just might be.
Our thirst for larger & larger day boats, FORMULA builds 35' Bow Riders, is just getting started so this Q or QUE will find some followers!
Watch for some photos or visit TIARAYACHTS.COM to see it up close!

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