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Southern Trades Yacht Sales, Charters & Management image Since 1977 Southern Trades Caribbean Yacht Sales and Yacht Management has offered a pleasant way for owners to enjoy their yacht in the Caribbean while earning income when they are not using the yacht. We do not offer any programs...we offer full time, hands on management of your private yacht in the crewed charter industry. We offer no bareboat assistance...only fully equipped, fully crewed charter yachts.

We can help right from the start by suggesting various yachts that may be more successful than others. We also offer free, unbiased appraisals of the crewed charter potential for your existing yacht. We can help set up off shore companies for yacht ownership and BVI registration if necessary. We offer a free crew placement service to owners in our fleet. We set up individual bank accounts for each boat and we provide monthly accounting to the owner. The monthly accounts can be custom tailored with the help of your accountant if necessary. There are no sales taxes or corporate income tax in the BVI...!!!

We offer low cost, efficient parts procurement. Our staff as well as the many sub-contractors we use all provide nearly 24 hour back up for the crew and yacht.

You are free to use your yacht anytime you wish...it's your yacht...!!! No contracts to prevent you from enjoying your time aboard in the Caribbean. We provide charter income to offset ownership costs and in many cases the yachts earn income over and above those operating costs.

If you presently own a yacht or if you are contemplating buying a yacht and crewd charter income holds some interest for you, please feel free to call or email us and we can provide much more detail. Thanks


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