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Is the broker's commission included in the quoted prices?
Our commission is included in the price. Our service is free of charge for buyers.

Do I need to pay any taxes if I buy and keep my boat in Croatia under foreign flag?
No taxes need to be paid in Croatia if you are non EU citizen when you buy a Croatian or non EU flagged boat. You only need to visit the harbor master after the completion of the purchase to issue (or update) the permission to sail in Croatian waters (called vignetta). The cost varies depending on the footage of your boat from 50-300 Euro and is valid for a year. Any foreign flagged boat –non EU or not- can stay in Croatia for the period of 18 months when it will have to be taken out of the country (check-out) and check-in again. PLEASE NOTE THAT CROATIA IS PART of EUROPEAN UNION SINCE JULY 2013 and EU regulations have been put in force. If you are EU citizen VAT matter will have to be regulated. Contact us for more details on VAT matter.

Can I start a charter business in Croatia?
Yes, EU regulations apply in this matter. We are in close cooperation with major charter companies based in Croatia which can include your boat in their fleet. If the boat you are buying is already part of a charter fleet, arrangements can be made that the boat stays in charter.

What about EU VAT?
EU regulations apply for VAT. Contact us for more information.

Which is the usual procedure of buying a boat through Selymar Yachts?
The first step is find the boat (or boats) that meet(s) your requirements. We will provide you the information requested and if satisfying we will arrange an inspection. The Seller(s) is/are most of the times present at the inspection. A short sea trial can also take place. If you have found the boat that suits you the next step is to negotiate the price for your boat and the terms of payment and delivery between you and the seller. We will prepare the purchase and sale contract with all details of the transaction including the inventory list included in the sale. It is an agreement between you (the Buyer)and the Seller and will be signed by both. If you wish, you can at this point invite a surveyor to perform a survey –at your cost- and agree on the contract subject to that survey. At this point we will check that the ownership situation and titles are clear and make sure that there are no encumbrances (marina fees, service bills, claims, lien etc). You will not be asked to perform any payment before all legal aspects have been settled. NOTE that you are more than welcome to hire a consulting company or a solicitor to represent you at the purchase. Contact us for recommendations.

How do I pay for the boat?
You will normally pay a deposit to Selymar Yachts within a few days after the signing of the contract in order to have a legally binding agreement. The payment of the rest of the purchase price will be transferred only after that all legal requirements have been taken care of by the Seller and only after all required documents have been handed to Selymar Yachts by the Seller. Note that the purchase and sale contract and the bill of sale that the Seller will provide will be notarized by a PUBLIC NOTARY/apostle if necessary. When Selymar Yachts receives the confirmation of the Seller that he has received the payment, we will hand you the ownership documents and the Seller will proceed with the de-registration of the boat and cancel the insurance. The final step for you is to form the new registration of the boat and arrange the insurance. Export procedure –if applicable- is normally completed within a few days.

Could you help me to find a way to transport a boat bought through you to my destination? We can help to arrange direct transportation from Croatia, Slovenia or Greece to all major ports or destinations worldwide. Contact us for a quotation.

What about buying a charter boat during the charter season?
There are many boats for sale in Croatia which are part of charter fleet. If you decide to buy a boat during the charter season, you can get a good deal if you are willing to have the boat delivered after the end of the charter season. In other words, you can reserve the boat with a payment of an agreed deposit, you may use the boat for a 1-2 weeks during the summer (upon agreement with the seller) and at the end of the charter season after checking the boat we will finalize the purchase.

Will I get any after sales assistance? We can arrange transport and insurance for your new boat. We can assist you in finding a berth in Mediterranean. We can also recommend service companies that may be needed.


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