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Welcome to Sea Island Yachts LLC

Sea Island Yachts began in 1985 and has offices in South Carolina and Florida. The success of our company lies in the professional approach we take with each customer, whether you are are a buyer or seller. We listen to our customers to determine their needs. We present a thorough analysis of the market to determine a fair price range for each boat. We work closely with our customers through each transaction from negotiating a sales price to assisting in the survey stage to finally closing the sale. The entire process proceeds smoothly using our documents that clearly and fairly detail the responsibilities of all parties involved. At Sea Island Yachts our fully licensed and bonded brokers are available to assist you in any way, from buying that first boat to trading or selling your current boat. Our multiple offices allow us to cover a large geographic area with a broad customer base and industry wide contacts. Put our years of experience to work for you to maximize the success of your sale at a minimum use of your valuable time.


Sea Island Yachts, LLC

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