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Diesel Duck Article in the June 09 Passagemaker Magazine

A great article, written by Bob Lane, about Diesel Ducks is in the June 09 Passagemaker. There are several pictures.

Occasionally in yacht reviews faults or problems are discussed that require some clarification. Several items mentioned in the article are discussed below. Issues like these are not included on purpose. They are usually the result of misunderstandings that occur in the interview process.

Regarding the lack of non-skid on the cockpit walk through. This was not designed to be a step we did not expect folks to walk on it when entering or exiting the cockpit. We thought folks would step onto the deck or seat directly. However, based on Bob's comments, we are adding non-skid to those area on all boats and will provide retrofit kits to current owners.

A lack of handrails in the cockpit area was mentioned. There is a 1" grab bar welded on the aft edge of the pilot-house and vertical bimini stanchions that provide convenient hand holds, both for and aft, when entering and exiting the cockpit. You can see these in the picture in the article. Any suggestions for additional handrails are welcome. We can modify the Ducks in the yard and provide kits for existing boats

In the article Bob makes a big point of wood tops on our trunk cabins. He mentions "wood" several times and says cored FRP or steel tops are optional. I have no idea who gave Bob this idea! No part of the structure of our Diesel Ducks hulls are wood.

Also, Bob mentions the lack of labels in the engine room. Yet the picture in the article of the engine room clearly shows the black label plates on the fuel source and distribution manifolds and various labels on the bulkhead and the sea chest. These labels are not large and could have been easily missed.

All in all it was a great article and both George Buehler and I are very grateful for Passagemaker Magazine's exposure of the Ducks and the overall accuracy of the reporting. Also thanks to Brian Saunders who took time out of his cruising plans to make his Diesel Duck 382 "Traveler" available to the author, Bob Lane.


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