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Walter Schulz is the founder and President of Shannon Boat Company. In February of 1975, he moved to Rhode Island and started work on the 38' sailboat of his own design that would launch the Shannon line. As a hands-on President, Schulz oversees engineering and production at Shannon, and participates in the company’s sales, IT, marketing, accounting, and administration. Schulz is acknowledged in the marine industry for producing yachts of consistently high quality over three decades, and is recognized as a design and engineering leader and innovator. All Shannon models from 28 to 55 feet have been designed by Schulz. He has received four marine-related U.S. Patents for his design work. Schulz attended New York University, Parsons School of Design, and Montclair State University, earning a Master of Fine Arts degree. Prior to founding Shannon, Schulz worked in advertising /public relations, and managed marinas in the Norfolk, CT area, specializing in boat manufacturers’ warranty support. Schulz has written numerous articles that have been published in various yachting magazines over the years, and he has spoken before many trade, professional, and community agencies. According to Ferenc Mate in The World’s Best Sailboats, Vol. II, “Walter Schulz is the last of a wonderful breed- the complete boatbuilder. He designs boats … and then builds(them)-always interesting and invariably one of the world’s best yachts.”

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William Ramos is Vice President of Shannon Boat Company. A native of Bristol, RI, he started out as a part-time fiberglass production worker for Walter Schulz in 1975. After completing school, his full time employment with Shannon began in 1978. He is a graduate of Brown University and Cornell Law School, and is admitted to practice law before the RI and U.S. District Court Bars. He is responsible for Shannon's sales and marketing, purchasing, administration, and customer service. During his tenure at the company, Ramos personally has sold over $100 million new and brokerage Shannons, and has helped to create Shannon's image as one of the world’s premier yacht builders. Ramos is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspect of yacht sales, construction, service, and operations.


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