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Sanlorenzo Americas Mission Statement

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George Jousma, President & CEO of Sanlorenzo of the Americas, and Massimo Perotti, owner of Sanlorenzo SpA have joined forces in the world wide development of Sanlorenzo Yachts. The dynamic duo, who together had brought awareness and created a huge presence in the American market with other Italian Motoryachts, have now introduced the "Americas Edition" - combining the pedigree of a Sanlorenzo made-to-measure yacht with the specifications and needs to suit an Americas client. Their passion and background in the yachting world provides for a unique approach of “tailor made” yachts which allows for the Sanlorenzo brand to be one of a kind in that the yachts are created and customized for each individual yacht owner.

Sanlorenzo of the Americas represents all of the Americas, including Central and South America,with the Fort Lauderdale branch serving as the Americas corporate headquarters.

In this partnership, George Jousma has also formed the company yachtBlue to house the brokerage side of the business.

Sanlorenzo of the Americas welcomes a cooperative relationship with the brokerage community in offering a Sanlorenzo to their prospective customer.


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