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Sandeman Yacht Company Ltd image We are very fortunate in offering for sale some of the most beautiful boats in the world and we consider it both our pleasure and our duty to guide you carefully towards ownership of the yacht that is right for you.

Of course there are choices to make, but whether the artistry of William Fife, the balance of Olin Stephens, the sure footedness of a Buchanan or Holman and more contemporary yachts, we would want the love affair - which may start here - to be enduring.

Many of those we list are termed ‘Classic Yachts’, conforming to fairly strict criteria for that full accolade. But surely all our yachts qualify, with such qualities of construction and sea worthiness, beauty, grace and style - an almost natural quality about them - they cannot fail to inspire.


Sandeman Yacht Company Ltd

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Poole, Dorset BH15 1AB, United Kingdom

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