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Is listing your boat with a broker right for you?

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Is listing your boat with a broker right for you?

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So, you have decided that you want to sell your boat - what are the benefits of listing it with a broker?

First, a broker is able to offer your boat far greater visibility than you can as a private seller. Whether in online publications like Yachtworld or in print magazines like Latitude 38, Seahorse, Cruising World or Sail Magazine, brokers have access to many advertising resources and it's their job to give your boat the best visibility possible. This leads to a quick sale and the highest possible value for your boat.

Second, brokers represent you best interest in selling the boat. They keep the boat looking its best, make sure that it is shown to all available customers and deal with "tire kickers" so you don't waste your time. They also lead the negotiation process, so that you come to terms as quickly as possible and get the highest possible value for your boat. Once an offer is taken, they take a 10% deposit into escrow so that you can be certain that the buyer is legitimate.

Last, brokerages still have lots of work to do after you and a buyer have agreed on a price. They facilitate a marine survey, take the buyer on a sea-trial and other contingencies to ensure that the deal will succeed. With a broker, there's no need to be involved in the contingencies yourself, nor is there any need to deal directly with the buyer. After contingencies are met, the broker finalizes the sale, collects funds from the buyer and then pays you. All in all, it makes an easy transaction for the buyer and seller and ensures that all of the paperwork is in order.

Why Sail California?

A Proven Track Record: “We will sell your boat.”
We have sold over $2 Million of boats in 2006
Our technical knowledge of Boats.
The salespeople in our office have over 100 years of racing, cruising and powerboat experience. If there's something to be done in boating, one of us has probably done it, and probably even participated in the design!
Our Professional Sailing expertise.
All of our salespeople are experienced in the boating industry. Our connections are unparalleled.
Marketing expertise that will bring your boat optimum visibility.
Our creativity and experience can bring visibility to your boat unlike an other broker.
Our Professional Sales experience.
Our salespeople have worked extensively and successfully in the marine industry and beyond
Excellent Industry Network.
Included in our staff are people heavily involved in the sailing community; currently they are a director of a prominent Bay Area YC, staff commodore of another prominent club and the founder of Quantum Sails.
We guarantee selling your boat will be a positive event.
We are serious about selling boats, but we also wouldn't be doing this job if we weren't having fun! Our enthusiasm is contagious.


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