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The quality restoration of any Riva is a lengthy and expensive process. Experience indicates that the best and most cost effective results are achieved by the owner and the restorer working in partnership, each understanding what is required, the decisions needed and the standards that are to be achieved.

All Riva boats have been hand built. As a consequence, it takes the use of skilled craftsmen, each with their individual skills, working as a team, to restore your Riva to her former glory. Indeed, with modern materials and manufacturing processes, very often they are better finished, perform better and are much better protected from corrosion and time related deterioration.

Please contact our restoration experts to discuss the details of your proposed project.

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photo of 27' Riva Aquarama Lamborghini
27' Riva Aquarama Lamborghini
1968 €2,000,000

This is THE once in a lifetime opportunity to become the owner of one of the most prestigious boats in the world, the Riva Aquarama number 278 purchased by Ferruccio Lamborghini in May 1968.

Ferruccio demanded that his Riva be powered by his very own Lamborghini 4.0 liter V12 engines instead of the regular Chevrolet based Riva engines. Despite the considerable resistance from Carlo Riva to allow such a significant alteration he eventually agreed, and so the world’s only factory Lamborghini powered Riva Aquarama was produced.

Ferruccio regularly enjoyed his unique Aquarama and could be seen using it in either the Adriatic Sea, or at his house in Lago Trasimeno. He also famously used his Aquarama for water ski records between Cervia, Italy and Pula, Yugoslavia on the Adriatic Sea.

After 20 proud years of ownership, Ferruccio sold the boat to a very close friend in 1988. The new owner eventually decided that the maintenance of the two Lamborghini engines was too much work and so had them removed and replaced with the regular Riva 220 hp engines.

In 2010 the boat was purchased by the current owner (who bought it from the family who succeeded Ferruccio). Thankfully the new owner recognized her significance, as a one of a kind, and so set about restoring her to her original specification.

The boat was brought to Holland where the painstaking restoration, of the wood work and engineering, was entrusted to Riva-World in Uithoorn. With close assistance from Fabio Lamborghini (of the Lamborghini family museum in Funo) the two engines were replaced with original era Lamborghini V12’s. The meticulous restoration also included all upholstery and chrome work, giving this truly unique Aquarama a brand new lease of life while encapsulating its incredible beauty.

During her first sea trial she reached speeds in excess of 90 kilometers per hour, which makes her not only special in her rarity but also the fastest Aquarama in the world.

To be honest, a boat like this should be in either a museum or in a private collection. References to her can be found in all the historic books of both Lamborghini and Riva.

Of all the many Lamborghini’s ever sold and of all the Aquarama’s ever produced there was only ONE Lamborghini Aquarama. This unique collaboration between two of Italy’s finest companies represents the panicle of excellence, beauty, passion, and rarity.
For more information on this incredible opportunity please contact Riva-World in Holland on +31 653 226148 or send us an email info@riva-world.com. Alternatively you can visit our website www.rivalamborghini.com

See the incredible in Riva Lamborghini restoration story on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMxPhjcJeno



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