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Heather Francis

Heather Francis is from Nova Scotia, Canada. She has worked and lived on boats throughout the world since 2002. In 2008 she and her Aussie partner, Steve, bought Kate, their Newport 41, in California and have been sailing her fulltime since. They are currently in the Philippines looking for wind and you can follow their adventures at
Get your boat ready for hurricane season with these tips from Captain Heather Francis.
Solar Panels On Boats In A Marina
Capt. Heather Francis provides tips for choosing solar panels for your boat.
The standard superyacht photo is of the side of the boat, but I love this shot from beneath the bow of the 175-foot Feadship Hurricane Run. The smile on the charter guest’s face is priceless as she enjoys her version of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “king of the world” moment in Titanic. Her expression is the luxury cruising version of that, perhaps because it’s better to be the queen.
A roundup of some of the top superyacht and megayacht builders in the world.
Largest Yachts In The World
Rounding up the biggest yachts in the world for 2023.
Sailing Yacht A Photo
The largest sailboats in the world in 2023, in order by size from largest to smallest.
Hanse 675 sailboat
A guide to blue water cruising and "bluewater sailing" vessels from Captain Heather Francis.
Space Saving Solutions for Living Aboard A Boat
A few tried and tested space saving storage solutions from sailor Heather Francis.
Live Aboard Life
Heather Francis gives us an insider's look at the live aboard life and answers some frequently asked questions.
Sailing catamaran anchored in a beautiful azure blue lagoon. Photo: Shunga Shanga/Pond5.
Anchoring is one of the most important skills to master onboard a yacht.
2011 Germania Sailboat Replica at 197 feet
Experienced sailboat owner and captain Heather Francis provides valuable insights for buyers.
Romblon Island In The Philippines
The Philippines boasts over 7,100 islands, making it a diverse and exciting yachting destination.
Choosing The Right Sailboat
With so many makes, styles and sizes, how do you choose which sailboat is the right boat for you?
A dinghy boat securely tied up
Heather Francis provides some simple tips on how to keep safe on the water, and how to uphold good etiquette out on the water.
Boats stored in the tropics
Heather Francis shares her tops tips on how to store a sailboat in the tropics.
An Atlantic City Skiff by Mark O Custom Boats set up as a dinghy. Photo: Pop Yachts / Mark O Custom Boats.
Heather Francis helps yacht owners choose the right dinghy for their boat.
How To Sail A Boat
Like many skills, learning to sail is a hands-on activity that requires practice and patience.
Isolated Woman Looking Out At Sea
Heather Francis gives some timely perspective on social isolation at sea.
Marine Navigation
Heather Francis walks us through the fundamentals of marine navigation.
Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels
When preparing to cross a bar the first phase of planning begins on dry land.
Lightning Strike On The Water On A Boat
Captain Heather Francis has compiled this helpful safety guide for yachters including boat handling tips when navigating rough seas, big waves and heavy winter weather conditions.