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Welcome to Privilege Yard SpA

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State-of-the-art facility, state-of-the-art processes, state-of-the-art luxury yachts.

The Privilege Yachts shipyard encompasses 12 hectares of land granted by the Port of Civitavecchia, Italy. Completed in 2008, this state-of-the-art facility has been designed and purpose-built to facilitate the complete design, build and outfitting of large, steel, ultra-luxury yachts and has the capacity to build up to 3 vessels up to 210 meters in length at one time.

Certified GSE 2010, the yard incorporates all-solar flat roofs with photovoltaic panels that generate up to 1.3 Mega Watts worth of electrical power; more than double the amount the yard consumes.

The Privilege Yachts yard comprises the following departments and buildings dedicated to the various aspects of yacht building:

- 10,000 square meters dedicated to steel block construction and modification
- 2,000 square meters dedicated to finishings and interior fabrication
- 10,000 square meter joiner shop and glass, marble and interior decor facility 2,000 square meters dedicated to shipyard services, storage and technical areas
- 2,000 square meters of office and space


Privilege Yard SpA

Porto di Civitavecchia - Loc. "La Mattonara"
Civitavecchia (RM), Italy 00053

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