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Boathouses for sale

Port Gardner Yacht Brokerage image Modern New-Construction Boathouse!

SOLD>>SOLD>>>SOLD>>Moored in the recently-updated Everett Marina boathouse dock area, this new boathouse offers many improved features over older boathouses, including:

- Front-side 2' pop-out, allowing the bow of the boat to protrude 2' further than the front wall of the boathouse

- High freeboard inside the house itself, eliminating the problem of seals getting inside the boathouse

- Positive arm connection to the dock, i.e. heavy steel strapping as the connection rather than loose chain

- Side bumpers that snug the house up tight to the mooring piers along the sides

- Upper-level loft with side decks


Give us a call to schedule a time to see this boathouse. We're open Monday-Saturday 10-5. /i>


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