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Welcome to Parker Adams Boat Sales

Parker Adams Boat Sales image Driven by a desire to provide the best service.
We strive to be different.

We are boat owners and are passionate about the time that we spend on the water. We have personally experienced a huge variation in quality of service offered by brokers, we use this experience to set us apart.

Buying a boat is likely the second largest investment you will make, but can you say that when you bought your last boat you felt like a truly valued customer?

We take a pride in everything we do. This extends from the prepartion of the boats for sale, the professional photography and videography both on land, sea and air through to probably the most important element, communication and keeping everyone upto date with the sales process from enquiry to hand-over.

We are based on the Hamble and take on listing across the Solent and beyond so if you are looking to sell your boat and would like to undertsand why Parker Adams are different please give us a call or drop a message

Parker Adams Boat Sales

Parker Adams Boat Sales
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