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Discovery Yachts and NW Yachtnet

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Discovery Yachts was founded 22 years ago by Michael Locatell CPYB and Elizabeth Locatell to serve the Offshore & Coastal Cruising Community. The Locatell’s have been boaters for over 36 years and have owned sailing & power yachts in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Sweden and France. The Locatell's are now the proud owners of a Linssen 320 Dutch Sturdy Royal steel trawler. Discovery Yachts specializes in new European yachts, importing over 40 new semi-custom yachts to North America. To insure the yacht meets your specifications we travel to the European yards 2 to 3 times during each yachts construction. New yachts imported by Discovery Yachts are built to North American standards in regards to AC electrical, propane gas, and safety systems.

Due to Discovery Yachts efforts, it has won the Sail Magazine Top 10 award three times and Cruising World Boat of the Year award three times with its demonstrator yachts. With Michael & Elizabeth's yachting and racing experience in North American waters, the Caribbean, Sweden, Greece, Côte d'Azur and Michael's Cape Horn Circumnavigation, we are eager to help our customers find the right new or brokerage yacht or to help our customers market an existing yacht.

Today, Discovery Yachts owner's Michael and Elizabeth are the North American importers for Linssen Motor Yachts of Holland, and are the North America West agents for Grand Soleil Sailing Yachts of Italy.

You can reach Michael and Elizabeth at 206-285-1096 or E-mail us at

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Stop by our display at the Seattle in the Water Boat Show just inside the Main Tent, January 26th to February 3rd 2018!

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Visit Discovery Yachts Display Booth for, Linssen Steel Trawlers at Annapolis Power Boat Show, Annapolis Maryland Tent D Booth 57, October 12 to October 15th 2016

For more Information on the Annapolis Power Boat Show visit http://united-states-powerboat-show/.

NW Yachtnet image Linssen Yachts of Holland
A business that began life as a small boatyard in 1949 has become a market leader in the steel yacht building sector within three generations. Linssen Yachts is a byword for steel displacement yachts of superior quality and for continuous innovative product and process development. In each decade since the company was established, Linssen Yachts has been the driving force behind innovative ideas for modernizing the yacht building process. And it remains so today!

Linssen yachts are built in a series of 10 models and of course, Linssen would be delighted to build your dream yacht to your specifications. In fact, they do this every day already – in series, that is! Logicam technology enables Linssen to specify mass-produced hulls in such a way that they eventually come out at the other end as individual yachts. You will be astounded by all of the functional details, things that go to make life on board a joyful experience. Thanks to their unusual chine-type hull, these boats are highly stable and their new shape below the water line combined with the shape of the keel and the rudder, and the rudder balance means that they are easy to pilot in reverse, even counter to the propeller’s direction of rotation.

The Linssen boatyard is an impressive complex with a surface area of more than 484,000 square feet. Production is divided between two locations (Maasbracht and Echt). All in all, a very impressive process that you can hardly do justice to here on paper. We have had the chance to inspect Linssen Yachts while working at European Boat Shows over the last 10+ years, and to visit the Linssen Yard three times. Linssen Yachts and the yard are very impressive to say the least, so much so, we bought a Linssen Yacht for our own use! With our assistance your new Linssen Yacht will be every bit as unique as you are. You can make it just as exclusive and special as you like.

Linssen Yachts now builds models from 30' to 50'.

For more information on Linssen Motor Yachts of Holland visit

NW Yachtnet image Grand Soleil Yachts of Italy
The history of Cantiere del Pardo began in Bologna in 1974. Their ambitious objective was to produce regatta boats that combined the best possible performance with elegant Now Grand Soleil’s timeless style is celebrating 40 years of history. 40 years in which these boats have left their mark on a fundamental chapter in the history of modern sailing. For years, Cantiere del Pardo has been creating yachts with care and passion, each one unique, thus establishing the company as one of the top producers worldwide. Because the Grand Soleil yachts are an icon of 'made in Italy' style.

Cantiere del Pardo’s success is linked to several boats and also to several designers who have made a profound impact on the sector. The company has always relied on the top designers of the moment to develop designs with great personality, characterised by their excellent performance and unmistakable elegance. These distinguishing features make the Grand Soleil yachts icons of style and elegance. Today, the Grand Soleil brand epitomises an explicit lifestyle, embodied by a genuine passion for the sea, design, technology and innovation. In 2014 the new Long Cruise range was born. It is dedicated to the “Blue Water” world and there’s a great attention to design and performance, fundamental characteristics of our DNA. The LC 46 is designed to facilitate a smooth transition in the wake reactions and sweet and predictable. Performance and safety in the innovative deck layout, refined style and functional interior spaces designed by Nauta Design. But the LC 46 is a Grand Soleil: then a real sailboat, cruiser with performance and sporty sensations at the helm and ready for fun.

Grand Soleil Yachts now builds models from 39' to 54'.

For more infomation on Grand Soleil Sailing Yachts of Italy visit

NW Yachtnet image Wauquiez Yachts of France
Discovery Yachts has just been appointed the North American agent for Wauquiez Pilot Saloon Yachts of France. More information soon! See

NW Yachtnet's ten yacht brokers working from our 3 North West offices have hundreds of years of combined experience in helping Yacht buyers build their new dream yacht, or to find the right Brokerage Yacht. The team of NW Yachtnet Seattle Brokers are eager to share our knowledge with you. So stop by and meet the Seattle office crew, Michael Locatell CPYB, Louie Nelson Broker & Elizabeth Locatell. Whether you are looking for a new or brokerage, Sailing Yacht or Motor Yacht, we will work as a team to assist you in finding a Yacht that is right for you.

If you are thinking of selling a brokerage Yacht please contact our NW Yachtnet Seattle CPYB brokers at 877-215-0559 or 206-301-9104 to learn about NW Yachtnet's unique Sellers Broker Yacht Marketing programs!

For more information regarding Linssen Motor Yachts or Grand Soleil Sailing Yachts please contact Discovery Yachts at 206-285-1096 or e-mail us at

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As an officer and President of the Northwest Yachts Broker Association, Michael helped found the nationwide program for Certified Professional Yacht Brokers a few years ago in an effort to raise the level of professionalism in the North American Yacht Brokerage industry. Not only is Michael one of the first CPYB Yacht Brokers in North America but Discovery Yachts & NW Yachtnet are one of the few West Coast Yachts Brokerages that are CPYB Endorsed Brokerages.


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