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Client Testimonials

NW Yachtnet image "We met Mike Locatell in 1998 when we began looking for a good sailing, cruising boat to replace the small racing boats we had owned previously. Since that time, with Mike's assistance, we’ve purchased two boats and sold one using Mike’s services. I don’t think there is a better sailing yacht broker.

Mike has a broad base of knowledge across this industry. He knows the boats, he understands the transactions, and he is genuinely concerned with the desires and welfare of his customers. He listens to his customers, he is patient, he makes useful suggestions and he can lead through the purchase process. He understands the intricacies of any deal and we’ve never had any problem with purchasing arrangements. After purchase he has never failed to be a very useful resource for advice and information. He’s become a good friend.

We’ve taken our present boat from northern California to Mexico and back and across the Pacific to Australia. Our cruising plans are working out and we’re having fun. A big part of that is having a boat which does what we had hoped it would do, and for that, Mike’s advice and service has been invaluable.

We’ve taken our present boat from northern California to "

Bill & Janet Wickman
SV Airstream, Wauquiez Centurion 42 & SV Quest, Wauquiez Gladiateur 33.
Assisted by Michael Locatell CPYB 206-459-0880 cell

More information on the voyages of Airstream is at

NW Yachtnet image "Having encountered Mike Locatell as a lecturer at a 2001 boat show cruising forum, I was impressed with his in-depth knowledge of the myriad details involved with offshore sailing. I remembered thinking that he seemed to be a bit of a 'know it all', but when I approached him after the lecture, I realized that when it comes to this subject - he really does!

Upon discovering that it would be a long two-year wait time for delivery of a new Hallberg-Rassey, I conferred with Mike about the impressive Swedish Malo yachts and contracted for an ideal model that we could take delivery of in 6 months' time.

Then came the unexpectedly numerous choices in layout, finishes, outfit and more. Frankly it would have been overwhelming without Mike's input on the future implications of each and every choice. And we've never been sorry for any of the decisions made during this critical time.

International exchange rates, tax issues, customs, shipping choices and more all had to be navigated along the way, and Mike's first-hand experience helped to keep the process easy and worry free for us.

Going well 'above and beyond' in every way, Mike accompanied us to the boat yard during construction, as well as making the trip to Europe again to help us take delivery. Having cruised himself in the area, his personal contacts at Port Grimot in Saint Tropez were a great help in deciding where and how to deliver our Malo 41 so that we could begin cruising the French Mediterranean's most spectacular waters right away.

Recently, we've just taken delivery of our second yacht sold to us by Mike, a Farr 50 Pilot House, and are pleased with this opportunity to tell other offshore sailors what a pleasure it's been to work with Mike and Discovery Yachts.”

Richard & Willow Stone
Malo 41 & Farr 50 Pilothouse.
Assisted by Michael Locatell CPYB 206-459-0880 cell

NW Yachtnet image We had been looking at trawlers for months as we wanted to make the transition from our Catalina 42 sailboat to a nice, warm, dry powerboat. We had a buyer for our Catalina, but the trawler we thought was our “ Dream Boat “ , surveyed as a potential nightmare. My plans of enjoying the tax benefits of a trade-in dissolved, and we decided to go ahead with the sale of our beloved Catalina and take a break from searching for the perfect boat. That afternoon the phone rang…it was Bob Berglund, who had been helping us with our search. He said “I’ve just listed a beautiful Grand Banks 42 Classic, and I think it’s YOUR boat!” Suzy was so depressed, she didn’t feel she could look at another boat, but she agreed to “ go through the motions “ one more time with me. The next morning, we were on board the Grand Banks with Bob. After 30 minutes looking her over, Suzy said, “ Bob has done it again! This is our boat! Let’s make an offer! “ ( Bob had found us a beautiful Catalina 36, seven years ago! ) To make a long story even longer, Bob was able to get the survey the next day, and make the transaction happen, so we were able to save the tax benefits after all. I’ve dealt with many brokers… and Bob Berglund is the BEST !

Pete and Suzy Redburn
Assisted by Bob Berglund CPYB 360-701-2747 cell

NW Yachtnet image After three frustrating years of trying to sell my 54’ Sunnfjord power boat by myself and through other brokers, I decided I needed to do a more thorough job of “brokerage due diligence”. I made myself an in-depth checklist and began interviewing brokers from Anacortes to Olympia, concentrating on the Seattle area because of visibility and traffic. I chose Dana Motlik at NWyachtnet because they had been moving inventory in 2008 and 2009 when many other brokerages were not, and because they had an excellent reputation for co-brokering. NWyachtnet bears that name for a reason: They are constantly networking within the boating community, posting inventory and sharing inventory with other brokers, including Canadian brokers. I also liked their office location and the modern, convenient and secure marina that offers great visibility to locals and tourists. The NWyachtnet crew are active, knowledgeable, professional, and very comfortable to work with. And they did, in three months, what I couldn’t do in three years: They found a wonderful home for my boat!

Penny Byrd
Federal Way, WA
Assisted by Dana Motlik CPYB 253-732-7342 cell

NW Yachtnet image I wanted to take a few minutes to write you and let you know what a wonderful experience we had buying our boat from NW

We were only looking to spend 35 to 40 thousand dollars on a boat, yet Matt treated us like we were shopping for a million dollar boat. His service was professional, and helpful, with no high pressure tactics that you see so much of today.

We ended up with a wonderful 32 ft Cooper, which fits out boating needs perfectly. There were a few bids ahead of us when we decided on the boat, and I was ready to give up, but Matt told me to hang in there. He told us you never know what will happen when it comes to finalizing on a boat. He was right. Some things came up for the people ahead of us, and the boat came to us.
We have had the boat a little over a year now, and Matt stays in contact with us, making sure we are happy, and keeping us aware of what is going on in the boating world here in Tacoma.
We are in the starting stages of looking to get a bigger boat, (we were told that once you had a boat you will always want one 2 Ft. bigger), and we will only work with Matt. I know he will have our best interest at heart when we buy the new boat.

Chuck and Jolene Laguna
Assisted by Matt Palmer CPYB 253-310-7162 cell


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