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Nestled in the NW corner of the U.S., an area well known for high quality boat manufacturing, you'll find one of the highest quality boat yards anywhere -- NORSTAR YACHTS, INC. If you're looking for a boat that expertly delivers speed and stability, comfort and efficiency, ease in maintenance and traditional aesthetics, then a Norstar is the boat for you!

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photo of 44' Nordic 44
44' Nordic 44
1984 US$ 129,900


The Nordic 44 is not only beautiful to the eye, it is a superb sailing yacht and comfortably sailed by two persons.  Responsive and nimble in light air and very fast and well blanced when the wind freshens.  Allaban has a cruising heritage, having recently completed a double-handed circumnavigation the Pacific, returning to her Northwest birthplace in Bellingham.  The owners completed their life-long ambition of an offshore sailing experience.  They are ready for life ashore and want to turn Allaban over new owners and new adventures.

Equipped for ready for live-aboard and offshore passage-making, with safety gear, self-steering,  watermaker, solar panels and wind generator and new batteries.  Allaban is equipped and ready to cruise.  Navigation gear includes Furuno radar, Raymarine hydraulic drive autopilot, Nexus sailing instruments, GPS / plotter, Icom single sideband radio and tuner, insulted backstay antenna, two VHF radios, AIS receiver, magnetic and flux gate compass.


The Nordic 44 hull has a proven, efficient shape.  She has a fine entry with straight waterlines for speed on the wind.  Her firm midship sections give her stiffness.  And her wide beam is carried well aft to extend her useful sailing length.  The design creates room for her large cockpit and extra interior space.

Nordic 44s boast a large rudder which is hung on a high-aspect-ratio skeg, a technique that produces superb steering and exceptional tacking ability.  Her keel is external lead, shaped in a laminar foil section which allows the lead ballast to be placed at the lowest 40 percent of the keel plan form.  The placement of ballast produces excellent stability and acts as a shoe to absorb the shock of an accidental grounding without endangering the integrity of the hull.


Take a look at the joiner work details!  Notice … the use of laminated trims, sold teak cabinet framing and proper joint design for doors and drawers.

A unique feature of Norstar’s interiors is the interface between glass hull and bulkheads.  Most builders grind the veneer off their bulkheads and cover the resulting glass overlay with heavy trim.  Nordic found a way to eliminate this bulky trim. Nordic’s method results in a stronger than normal bulkhead and is more pleasing to the eye.

Other examples of ‘top drawer’ execution are hull insulation, interiors of lockers that are finished as if they were always exposed to view, solid teak framing around openings in the teak and holly cabin sole.  The only molded liner is a fiberglass shower that is unique and very practical. 

Aside from subtle refinements and innovations, there is nothing extreme about the Norstar 44’s open and functional interior layout.  It is a well proven plan, which you will appreciate.  She’s a triumph in every respect.  


The deck is a textbook example of how to make a deck efficient, safe and beautiful, all at the same time.  Everything required to sail has been considered and provided.  You see it in the molded bosses and recesses for hardware, hatches and ventilators.  Lines run aft to the cockpit.  The Nordic 44 can be easily handled by two persons and a good sailor would have no trouble single handing.

The bow features a molded anchor well for ground tackle.  The double roller stem fitting handles two anchors and projects forward from the stem to help retrieve the anchor without scratching the hull.  Not the least of her exterior virtues is the ease with which her bright appearance can be maintained.  


Nordic never built a yacht down to a price – always up to their standard.  That standard is the absolute best.

Each layer of fiberglass has the optimum ratio of glass to resin.  The hull is further strengthened by a network of longitudinal and transverse members that give the hull an extremely rigid ‘backbone’. Stringers, transverse stiffeners, cabin sole, bulkheads and furniture were bonded in place with the hull in the mold.  

The interior was built of the finest woods and seasoned lumber, to a standard expected only in the finest custom yachts.

The electrical and plumbing systems have ample capacity, safety and convenience.  A custom master panel protects each circuit while voltage and ammeters monitor power.  Though carefully concealed from view, wiring and piping is neatly run and accessible.

The hull and deck overlap each other.  Bedded with marine sealant and through bolted every 4-1/4 inches, the joint is capped by a full length aluminum toe rail.  


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