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Nord Star Yachting is the team of professional yachtsmen and sailors. We have being operating in the yachting market for already 20 years.
We posess a wide range of brokerage yachts. Moreover we are official dealer of Princess Yachts, XO Boats, Greenline, Selene and Fleming Yachts.

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Princess. Luxury motor yachts crafted in Plymouth, England. Stylish, sophisticated exterior design combined with finest interiors by top brands of LVMH Group.
Elegant, stylish, reliable and seaworthy yachts fitted up with advabctd equipment. Each new model is the result of close collaboration between designers,
naval architects and research department. And this famous deep V-hull by bernard Olesinski.

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XO Boats is the Finnish brand of premium boats designed by the creators of such legendary brands as Aquador and Paragon Yachts.
XO Boats brand has been recognized by world experts in the yacht industry and won many awards. Today XO Boats is the official partner of the America's Cup.

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Selene Yachts. The trawler type yachts. They are good companions in long cruises, with solid seaworthy hulls and impressive range of up to 2000 nautical miles.

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Greenline Yachts can collect, store and use electrical energy from the sun, using the shore power or the generator. With a solar array and a Hybrid drive electric unit the yacht is a mobile power station providing a constant supply of AC power (230 or 120 V) on board.

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