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Regal - Innovation with World Class Standards

Newport Boats image A leader in the latest innovations and technology, Regal earns its reputation for inspiring performance based on the design of its hull - the core over which everything else is built. The full mid-beam step reduces drag, allowing for a documented 30% better fuel economy and 26% faster cruising speeds.

The Power Tower with arch styling is designed to move up and down with the touch of a button and is equipped with a tow eye for wakeboarding. The Power Tower option makes storing, towing, bridge clearance, and even adjusting as a visor for the sun a snap!

The full-beam electronic sunroof spans over the entire cockpit and slides close. Open the walk through to allow the fresh breeze in!

The Regal Vue is the world’s only multi-functional touch screen displaying customizable engine data, GPS navigation, optional cruise control, music and video playback.

Should you be interested in test driving a boat or yacht and a taking a tour of the factory, Regal graciously welcomes potential buyers and will even pick up the cost of hotel rooms during your hosted stay.

A great way to find the right Regal for you, is by visiting the Regal web site and use the Build Your Regal tool. Then give us a call, or drop us an e-mail, and we will get you the best available pricing! www.regalboats.com


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