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“Innovation is efficient only if supported by experience!” NeoYachting was created in 2009 by a team of passionate individuals having gained a strong experience in almost all the fields of yachting, working for the largest brokerage houses and charter companies. NeoYachting is based in Nice and supported by a network of partners in Italy, Spain, the UK and Norway.

We offer a luxury experience and high quality services to every yacht owner or charterer, regardless from the size of the yacht. To achieve our goal we have implemented procedures and tools introduced by larger companies and we focus our organization on our clients rather than on services.

Our values include Customer Care, Transparency, Passion & dedication, Flexibility, Constant search of quality, Availability & reliability, Attention to detail and Innovation.

NeoYachting image Our office in the heart of Nice Port

Our office is located in the middle of the Port of Nice and overlooks the yachts (see pink circle on photo). Nice Port is most probbly unique in the French Riviera: it is located in the heart of the city, it is very active (welcoming sailing boats, yachts, small fishing boats and even cargo ships!) and offers all the facilities a yacht owner can wish. One of the most attractive feature is it's location at 15 minutes by car from Nice International Airport making it easy to embark and start-off for a yacht vacation in a very short time!



26 Quai Lunel
Nice, France 06300

Tel +33 (0)489 039 464
Fax +33 (0)492 004 959
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