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Amel 54

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Moeck Yachtagentur image 54 - Unique as You

The Amel 54 really is unique, the superb result of the combined requirements of the system that built it. Every last detail of this exclusive yacht demonstrates the loving care that went into its construction. No distractions, nothing superfluous; today the name Amel means the Amel 54, latest offspring of the Amel shipyards, born of the perfect synthesis of all this distinguished brand's experience and expertise in dream fulfilment. Just like you, the Amel 54 is unique; a true meeting of hearts and minds!

Moeck Yachtagentur image 54 - Total Safety in Total comfort
Sail away in the Amel 54 On board the Amel 54, you'll find that the design has pleasure in mind. Strikingly beautiful, with a deck layout that makes life free and easy and superb overall manouevrability, this cruiser knows no limits. And her great comfort and safety levels make her as much fun for amateurs and seasoned sailors alike, whether crew or captain! Yet another fetaure that makes the Amel 54 quite unique.

Moeck Yachtagentur image 54 - Unique: A finished article from the word Go
There's no need for extras on an Amel 54. Right down to the very last detail, this exceptional yacht is truly ready to set sail from the moment she is first put to water. Incredible luxury equipment is standard on this cruiser, from the electronic navigation system to the air-conditioning; from the bow thruster to the electric winches. All this and more is what makes sailing this yacht a truly unique experience.

Moeck Yachtagentur image 54 - Unequalled Elegance
The Amel 54 is not just a showcase, it's the whole show! As you go below decks you enter a world of sumptuous elegance, where the seasoned wood vies for your attention with the leather upholstery, and the clever fixtures and fittings are matched only by the subtle lighting effects. The roomy interior and superbly equipped modern galley will delight you, while the spacious private cabins with their en suite washrooms and generous storage space have everything you need: light-filled interiors that provide a unique lifestyle.


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