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The Amel Shipyard

Moeck Yachtagentur image The Yard where Creativity means perfection

An Amel shipyard is unlike any other. A place where, with careful thought, dreams are turned into original creations. A place where unique yachts are built, soon to sail the widest oceans for months at a time. A place where the bywords are quality, rigour and care at all times, from the latest technology to the very last loving touch of the craftsman as he completes his unique creation.

Moeck Yachtagentur image Yachts that are true to the sea

Amel shipyards was founded in 1965 by Henri Amel, who coined the above phrase. Known as 'Le Cap'tain', Amel meant by this true and proud vessels designed and built for real sailing - the result of his vision is his legacy range of cruising sailboats which both rule and respect the elements.

These values still underpin every boat built in his shipyard to this day. A truly unique perspective, which is brought to life as soon as you set sail in an Amel 54.

Moeck Yachtagentur image 54 - Unique as You

The Amel 54 really is unique, the superb result of the combined requirements of the system that built it. Every last detail of this exclusive yacht demonstrates the loving care that went into its construction. No distractions, nothing superfluous; today the name Amel means the Amel 54, latest offspring of the Amel shipyards, born of the perfect synthesis of all this distinguished brand's experience and expertise in dream fulfilment.
Just like you, the Amel 54 is unique; a true meeting of hearts and minds!


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