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MARKAGAIN - First class second chances ( is the first Italian platform for the management and resale of pre-owned luxury assets arising from non performing loans.

MARKAGAIN is a service offered by Cerved Credit Management, which capitalizes on more than 10 billion Euros of credits and troubled assets which are currently under management.

Back in 2012, an idea was born: Second Life Top Yachts, which quickly became the reference point for the resale of second-hand boats in the European market. MARKAGAIN represents the evolution of this successful business model and the extension of a consolidated know-how to other genres of luxury goods.

The business fields of MARKAGAIN are:

- Yachts
- Luxury cars
- Luxury real estate
- Other special assets, among which private planes

Cerved Credit Management created MARKAGAIN for the integrated evaluation, management and resale of property arising from substandard, outstanding or matured loans, offering a complete service and following the negotiation process throughout all its steps.

With MARKAGAIN, Cerved Credit Management provides the best technical and marketing skills to manage the growing risk stock of boats in the most effective and professional manner, thanks to the following strengths:

- Quicker resale and better boat resale prices
MARKAGAIN currently manages a portfolio of over 180 vessels (mainly large size ones, over 12 meters).

-Lower management costs
MARKAGAIN has set up important partnerships with reliable dealers and eight prestigious marinas, offering a unique all year round boat show. Each operating partner is chosen according to the quality of service and the suitability of costs.
The large number of vessels managed by MARKAGAIN makes it possible to provide a significant amount of work for the operative partners and therefore to achieve economies of scale.
The commission system incentivizes the best performance on boat sale when compared to operating costs.

- Reliability and high quality service
MARKAGAIN provides the expertise of a well-prepared team, who gained their experience from over 130 transactions that took place since 2012, ensuring a fast and easy sale process.
Each vessel being managed is assigned a trader, who is always available at the marina, and who is shadowed by a technical manager from the head office. MARKAGAIN guarantees sound and transparent information about the boats and the activities of the management and remarketing platform.
MARKAGAIN collaborates with skillful experts both in the process of taking charge of the boat and when the potential buyer is inspecting the vessel. This team is also supported by a network of Italian and international business brokers who are carefully selected and who can show evidence of expertise.
The platform is supported by a modern web portal which provides registered access and is very easy to use.

MARKAGAIN is a unique point of reference for the client s leasing company and the ultimate quality manager, capable of providing complete service for the boat management and the resale.

The expertise gained by Cerved Group in the business information area is used to enhance the whole process. Cerved Group s vast baggage of financial information combined with Cerved Credit Management's strong expertise in the credit risk management area - which bases its activities on the information analysis carried out on its debtors acquired form the know-how of Cerved - meets the growing demand for a more complete credit risk management required by banks, financial organizations, companies and retail customers.

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Via dell’Unione Europea, 6A/6B - 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)

Operation office:
Via Milano, 110 - 26025 Pandino (CR)

MARKAGAIN - First class second chances

Via Milano, 110
Pandino (CR), Italy 26025

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