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On Principal, we have never asked for references or testimonials. Seems sort of embarrassing somehow. Blame that on a British Colonel for a father who fought in both World Wars. Over the years, however, many clients, both buyers and sellers alike, including a documentation agent and a couple of other brokerage houses, have written to express thanks for the services rendered.
Here is a collage of their (unsolicited) comments:

You remain in our hearts as the finest yacht broker on earth.
Every person we met that has a horror story of their experience with a broker we relate what a gentlemen you were.
I tell of the daily visits,"after the sale" which endear you to us.
I am so thankful for your support and honesty.
I can't tell you how much we appreciate you.
God Bless,

Tony! I owe you life! I don't know if I ever will be able to repay you but I sure will try. SEB

You’re the epitome of good manners and patience!! GC.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TONY -Nice to hear from you my friend...You are always as good as your word and that is a treasure in today's world. Anyhow, wanted to say hello and thank you again for all your help and guidance.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Words can't express the gratitude and love we have for you Tony, you have truly made our dreams come true, right when we were about to give up on them! xoxo Regards, Stephanie

It is obvious now why you are the most productive brokerage in St. Martin, you give the right service. Good on ya!
Clive A.
BVI Yacht Broker

(From old clients buying a new boat)

Anyway, we contacted you direct and really feel firm that whatever we do would be with you only. Hope you can work it on the money side. There are many boats, but not many Tony's

Hi Tony
I want to say a big thank you to you for all you did to help us purchase the right boat.
The dream of sailing around the world is easy but the reality of spending a large sum of money on the boat and then having to completely alter your life to accommodate the dream is a whole different thing.
It was far more daunting than I had anticipated and your advice, knowledge, friendship, physical help, experience and after sales care went a very long way in making the experience a whole lot more enjoyable.
You went above and beyond the call of duty in all respects and you provided us with the best advice.
What impressed me the most is the fact that after the deal went through, you remained committed.
I am quite sure that most other brokers would have taken their commission, dusted their hands and walked away to the next deal. You, however, remained completely focussed in assisting us in every way, right down to the point of purchasing new equipment and fitting it into the boat. Even as I sit here in South Africa writing to you, you are still taking care of my boat. It is clear that you have been there and done it many times and this experience you have is absolutely invaluable to a person such as myself.
So, if you would like to use me as a reference, it will be my absolute pleasure. I will also recommend your services and expertise to anyone I meet who is interested in selling or purchasing a boat. Please pass our regards on to you lovely family and thank them once again for all their incredible hospitality.
Craig F.
National Geographic

Tony - attached is a testimonial for your use. Looking back at the purchase, it was a tremendously rewarding experience for both of us!! You are the "real deal" as a boat broker and both Deni and I consider you a friend.

With your help, Deni and I have done it!! Purchased our dream catamaran in Saint Martin and are now preparing to cruise the Caribbean. The experience we had working with you was nothing less than outstanding. Straight talk, constant communication, and attention to detail made such a difference. As a first time buyer of a large vessel, you provided us with the guidance and patience that we needed to feel comfortable with our purchase. We did not have this same experience working with a number of other brokers on deals that ultimately fell through. We are extremely grateful to you and your family for the hospitality you shared with us during our visit to Saint Martin and we would be delighted if you offered us as a reference to any prospective buyers or sellers that might be interested in working with you and The Little Ship Company.

Mike and Deni


Tony Brewer at Little Ships --best in the industry not just SXM. We have done deals and considered deals with him over the past 7 years. He is undoubtedly the hardest working broker in the business. A straight shooter and best guy on your side. We are a commercial operation buying, selling & considering charters boats deals on a semi-regular basis. Tony is your broker. K.Q. Virgin Islands Charter operation


Hi Tony, Thanks for all your help and encouragement along the way. We have a brilliant boat and she is definitely loving all the attention she is getting. She has a great spirit. We feel truly blessed. Thanks for making us hang in there when the going got tough. Hopefully your next trip to the BVI I will get to finally meet you and give you a big hug and buy you some lunch/dinner!! Dee.

From two Swedish Gentlemen who owned a boat together.

Hi Tony, i can confirm that the money today has landed on my account in Sweden. Thank you very much for the cooperation, its been a pleasure to work with you. I've said it before, you are very professional and very pleasant.
Kjell S Sweden.

Hello Tony! The Money arrived to my account yesterday too. I just want to say that I indeed agree with Kjell's words regarding our business . It could not have been better. If I hear about somebody that want to sell a boat in the Caribbean I will not doubt to recommend you. Have a good time! Best regards Goran Sweden

Hi Tony,

Money has hit the account. Thank you very much for a great buyer and your excellent service. I could not have choosen a better broker, despite selling my boat on the other side of the world.

Best regards,


Thanks for everything Tony. Thanks for keeping this sale together.
Three weeks ago on a scale of 1 to 100 I would have given this sale about 1 1/2 to actually happen.
Excellent Job !!
You truly earned this commission & did a great job on our behalf. Next time I am in St. Martin I will give you a call so we can go out and have a nice dinner and enjoy some good wine! SB
Carol and I really appreciate all you have done above and beyond the call of duty to help us. We feel we have a trusted and life-long friend in you
I appreciated your call with information.
You are doing a marvelous job as a broker and am certain, even in this economic environment, your efforts will pay off.

Your efforts to assist us exceed any listing broker we have ever worked with and are much appreciated.
DW Yachts.


You are the best; No way, can't be better!

An English Gentleman

Thank you Tony, we look forward to receiving the documents. You really have been excellent throughout this whole transaction. Thank you.

So thank you very, very much for your contribution in helping us aim high during the past year, and as Chas reminds me, "don't forget the most important part, Dad, which is having fun."
We couldn't have done it without you.

Dear Tony,
Thank you for all of your help with my dad's TURNING POINT
I hope that the new owners treat her with the same kindness that my dad did. Good luck to them and a giant Thank you to you.

Thank You Tony,
Thank You for all you did.
I am looking forwards to hearing from my bank.

Hi Tony,
We received the money yesterday and I want to tell you a big THANKS. Thanks for your kindness, patience and loyalty.

I thank you many times for all your work. Though it is your job, I have never seen somebody so professional from the beginning to the end.(especially in the Caribbean!) The business was not always easy, but you pulled it to the end!
I will strongly recommend you to everyone asking.
I hope we can meet once personally. I am sure I`m coming back to the Caribbean once (do you rent boats also?)
All the best for you and your family!
Just a word of thanks for your participation in my purchase. You went above the call of duty to help me buy my dream boat . I cannot thank you enough for helping me change my life. Next time I am in St. Maarten, I will call and we can celebrate my happiness,

Dear Tony,
Following collection of our Sweden Yachts 390 from St Martin, recently purchased through you, I wanted to thank you for all your help throughout the process.
It is a real pleasure to meet and deal with someone who does the most they can, rather than the minimum. Ever since my first email you have responded quickly, given us good information and continually offered to do everything from both a personal and professional perspective to make our visits, transaction and collection of the boat an enjoyable experience.
As you know, I am involved in the marine industry with a British based business; if there is ever anything I can do to be of help to you please do not hesitate to contact me.
Very best wishes to you and I hope you have continued success with your brokerage business. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone selling or buying a boat.
Best regards,
The funds had arrived at my bank on Friday and I got the good news this morning. This is just a short note to thank you for all you did. It was great doing business with you and a real pleasure to get to know you personally.
Take care, all the best
...and let’s hope that our paths cross again one day

We have now closed our transaction and I would like all to know that Germain and I are very satisfied with how this exercise went.
Tony, you acted very professionally, efficiently, proactively and… pleasantly. It know it is a cliché but I will say it anyways : I would recommend you anytime to my best friend and would not hesitate to call upon your services again.
I would like to reiterate our satisfaction with the way you conducted this transaction. We would not hesitate to seek or recommend your services. This last gesture on your part is appreciated; in fact it is even more appreciated because we did not ask for it. We are happy that you made your full commission, you definitely earned it.
I will be moving to New Zealand in January for a year and a half, but Germain and I have already started discussing our next sail boat. Lets stay in touch.

As you know most yacht brokers are amateurs
You are truly a professional!
With 90% of the brokers out there this deal would have nose dived? Terry.C

Lisa Borkowski , ASAP Marine Documentation has endorsed your work as Broker at The Little Ship Company.
Details of the Recommendation: "The Yard Boy is an extremely modest, extremely hard working great all around guy. Tony is one of the best of the best in my opinion. He knows his stuff, knows how to deal with even the most difficult clients, always does it with a sense of humor... even through dengue fever (don't even ask!) AND HE SELLS BOATS! This guy is good !!

Thank you for all of your help and insight with the boat. As we are horribly inexperienced, we also appreciated your patience with us.

One good thing that has come out of our recent muck-up is that, because of your actions, I trust you totally -- something I never would've thought I'd say about a yacht broker.
Colin Mc P

It has been a pleasure working with you , Tony. You have been helpful and responsive at every step. I would certainly recommend you to others who are selling their boats. We will keep you in mind when it is our turn to pass our boat on to a new owner. Thanks again.

Hello Tony,
Just wanted to inform you that the funds have landed in our account and that the spare hydraulic engine is in transit. ETA two weeks.
Thanks again for your terrific job on this one. Me and Margaretha are very happy and grateful for the way you have handled this deal.
Give my regards to Ken and wish him good luck on the seven seas!
Hi Tony,
Thanks so much for all help and advice, it is very re assuring to witness a very professional approach to keeping everyone in the comfort zone.
T.+ M. C. Utah

Tony ---- thank you thank you thank you, I just cannot thank you enough for helping Pat --- You know I had questions about the captain and what his job was but I
do know that you have done way above and beyond any job description that I can think of --- you have been a great friend -- thank you K

Hi Tony
Just wanted to write and thank you once again for everything, you (and your lovely family) went out of your way to help us out with far more than was required of you in the professional sense and we really appreciate it.
We are stoked with the boat and had a lovely sail back to Antigua.
Thanks again Pete and Eliska

Thanks Tony!
I must say you've been a light in the darkness. I'm very impressed.
Arthur T

Thanks Tony for the excellent job you did for us.
Wish I had contacted you earlier.
If it ever comes up, I will always put in good words for your services.
Take care - Jay
Thank you for making this happen. True professionalism. Thank you for everything.
Best Regards
Debby S

Here are the documents.
Thanks for everything. We would highly recommend you!!!
Angel and Janet

Hi Tony,
Just catching up with myself after a busy summer:
A huge 'thank you'' from across the pond for facilitating the boat deal, and helping me with....well just about everything!
Thank you too for your excellent hospitality..
Had an excellent voyage with Tom and Rodney.
The boat is in Madeira at the moment, and looking to take her the remaining few miles to Agadir in October
God Bless.

And thanks for being an outstanding broker and friend when I was there. You are the best!!
TH Australia

Wow am I impressed with the fast response! P Nielsen.

Let me say I wish other brokers were as helpful and informative as you have been - Thank You! P Fountaine.

After a thousand emails and many Skype conversations, we have finally made it. I doubt many brokers would give half the amount of personal attention as you have. I have appreciated your commitment and your wealth of technical advice along the way. I know you will continue to give advice as we figure out life aboard and embark on this long learning journey. Thank you! Zane and Michelle..

Dear Tony,

Yes the funds have arrived, so everything is complete.

I would like to thank you for your perseverance, patience, calm, good humour and excellent advice in the whole sale process. Marjorie and I really appreciated all the counsel and support you gave us. I would be very happy to provide a reference for Little Ships if ever you should need this. I would recommend you to anyone!

Paul D

I was at the Bank today,the money is transferred !
Worked out really well , thanks for the trouble
and hard work .

Till Later than


Everyone you deal with these days has nice references and testimonial letters, don’t they? Yacht brokers too! Maybe they might sensibly wait for some very gentle types to buy a boat, and it all goes beautifully! Perhaps they’re the sort of boat buyer that are delighted that it even floats? And perhaps they wake up each day full of gratitude that the they’re alive and the sun is shining. These happy happy customers are usually asked to write a testimonial and if you’re in business I imagine you ask similar clients to produce YOUR testimonials too? They definitely used to do mine. This testimonial wasn’t asked for or even mentioned by Tony. He wouldn’t DREAM of asking me for a reference! Sheesh! The first time he reads this he’ll be wondering what on earth is coming next. I used Tony as the main agent to sell a boat … which eventually happened with a “co-broker” deal as the buyer had a broker/advisor too. And then a few years later I used him again to sell another boat, and that was handled entirely by Tony as “Little Ships”

That’s quite good reference for a start, and it’s especially good from me, as I worked in financial and medical software where 99.99% product and service perfection… just isn’t good enough. The second boat took far longer to sell and not at the price we hoped, problems galore. Eventually, Tony found a buyer but even then it took several exasperating months to actually do the deal, surveys, problems with the boat. Even the test sail was awkward - an incredibly rare windless Caribbean morning - God Himself didn’t much want this deal go smoothly. Howeever, I noticed that throughout the whole process, and despite all the aggro, Tony held to firm principles of how the boat should be treated - and was clear about the duties of the broker, buyer and seller. He probably (ok, definitely) over-performed way outside the duties of a normal yacht broker. His integrity throughout the whole process held firm, and regardless of the not-always wonderful performance of banks, the marine industry, the buyer and the seller. Oh yes, I got annoyed at things too! But it was still okay. So anyway, here’s a real testimonial for Tony, from someone who knows how tortuous the process of buying/selling a boat can be in real life. His work isn’t finished - the buyer wants all sorts of help, managing the boat etc, and Tony is sorting that out too. Like the sea, boat buying/selling is not always smooth, and sometimes it’s actually quite rough. Yet I am sure that Tony will still be on hand, taking and making all those calls, and making suitable adjustments to heaven and earth to help things happen as everyone hoped it would. Thanks Tony. Matt S

Hello Tony,
I'm back in Indianapolis today and yes, our decision to not purchase the boat was most difficult. We started making plans on how we were going to train and get use to the boat, it was very exciting for us. However, we made a difficult decision to walk away from this purchase given the circumstances and facts in front of us.
We want to extend our appreciation to you for your calm business response to that decision. Although your professional trade is a yacht broker, there is a lot more to know and understand on the human side of the business and we think you understand that responsibility. Although there is money involved, there are 2 couples as well. Both have a lot at stake. I think you treated us with respect and courtesy and allowed us to make our decision without pressure. You might disagree with our decision, but no push back was given, and that was a great relief.
Thank you Tony for treating us with honesty and professionalism.
George and Susan

Hey Tony, I did buy a boat in Florida, I really appreciate your help. I ended up finding a Pearson 385 in Destin FL a few hours from home. It needs some work but I can get down there on the weekends and work on her. Thanks again for all of your help and timely responses. If you had the boat at the time would have bought from you. You were actually the only broker in the islands that seemed to care. I'll shoot you an e mail when I get down that way and buy you a cold beer.


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