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Leader in yacht charter industry, specialized in luxury holidays.

Levante Mare was founded in 1997 from the passion for yachting of its founders. Over the years, thanks to its expertise and professionalism, the company has managed to take a leading role in the commerce and rental of yachts and luxury boats.

The boats we offer, both for sale and for charter, are located mainly in Italy and in the countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The experience gained during the many years of activity has allowed us to develop a deep and accurate knowledge of the yachts we offer and we are able to provide our clients with professional assistance both in the research and drafting of contractual relationships, even at an INTERNATIONAL level. A young, close-knit, and very dynamic working group able to offer its customers an indispensable global service in the sale and/or rental of their boat.

For our customers, buying or renting a boat must be an emotion, an opportunity to enjoy their passion, a distraction from monotony... this is our MISSION.


The main business always remains the Brokerage with a target of motor boats from 18 to 45 meters in length. The service is aimed for about 70% to foreign clients and has become a real 360 ° consultancy relationship that starts from the research of the customer's need and necessity, in order to be able to present the best possible solution both in technical and economic terms

In a market where communication, thanks to the internet and social media, is global and immediate, we believe that personal relationships are always the winning weapon and have always distinguished us over the years. In addition to the organization and supervision of technical inspections, our team also includes experts in the drafting and analysis of international sales contracts, as well as providing complete solutions for the yacht registration. The customers who wants to make business with their yachts can use the services of LEVANTE MARE CHARTER SRL also for the creation of the crew.

The profession is however oriented in two directions and, in particular, both towards the potential customer looking for a boat and through our website, always updated, will be able to view the main solutions, in addition to the international portals to which we rely and to our "youtube" channel. It is also directed to the owner who wants to sell his boat, with the aim of obtaining exclusive sales mandates, in order to be able to offer the best and most competent sales services for the yachts entrusted to us .......



Selling yachts requires ample professional skills and excellent knowledge of the market. Levante Mare is leader in Italy in the commerce of new and used yachts, specializing mainly in yachts ranging from 18 to 40 meters. It has been developing for some years the international market thanks to the collaboration with several foreign partners. Levante Mare evaluates beforehand together with the customer the models, specifications, and dimensions of the boats in order to find a yacht that fully satisfies you.

Levante Mare, The art of yachting.

Featured Boat
photo of 98' Benetti 30m Tug boat
98' Benetti 30m Tug boat
1964 €2,950,000

* PRICE REDUCTION - Leasing in progress * 




The tug "Vervece" was launched in 1964 by the M & B Benetti shipyard of Viareggio, and in 2006 it was purchased from Griffini Gestione to undertake a complex and fascinating project of total refit, almost unique for this type of vessel.

The Owner choose himself the group of naval architects, marine engineers and interior designers. The Outline Specification and Basic design of the conversion has been made by lntersurvey, that was involved in the Project Management.

Navaldesign&Consulting developed the entire 3D design drawings and surveillance of the conversion. Studio Moroso-Starita engineered hull structural drawings and stability calculation. The interior designers arch. Ida Penta and Francesco Scardaccione were engaged for interior layout optimization and design of internal and external furniture. Striking was the choice of Shipyards Palumbo with offices in Malta, Messina and Naples, appreciated among ltalian shipyards for their consolidated know-how, the massive availability of highly specialized media and workers.

The refit was undertaken since the beginning under the surveillance of RINA surveyors and structures, systems plants and stability were approved under the RINA Charter Class Rules.

The designers group was called to work together with the owner, with the aim of building a ship capable of satisfy future guests with desire to experience yachting without limits; the refit project had at the same time to preserve the originai characteristics of the Commerciai Vessel as a Tug, accomplishing in 2012 all needed technical equipment. lnterior style is typical of '30s but according to a tempered taste tor simple and contemporary lines, which make today the Tug Vervece a yacht in all respects of a definitely originai character: it's a classic boat because an originai "tug", it's rigorous because technologically complete and safe.

The choice of finishing all interiors without distinction, saloons (main deck and upper deck), guests and master cabin, with open pore varnishing with regular horizontal moldings, ash furniture in white lacquered ash with essence of Maple and leather inserts, draperies and upholstery in linen: strictly all candid white. The large side windows, portholes and all handrails are finished in polished stainless steel.

Regarding spaces distribution large areas are dedicated to living spaces on main deck on the large open deck aft and in the enclosed space, the galley and the master cabin are disposed in the middle-fore part; the extremely wide cockpit is dedicated to conversation area with couches and teak sunbath. The lower deck is dedicated to the two guest cabins, vip cabin, the Captain 's cabin and crew mess. Two crew cabins are situated in the aft section with external access from the main deck. In same space a pantry and guest laundry are situated.

A more reserved space is dislocated on the upper deck, with a living room with corner study open towards the aft bridge that is fitted with large teak table and chairs. The wheelhouse is located on the upper deck and finished with white lacquered ash and teak furnishings enriched by black leather inserts, donating to the space a more classic and traditional character. The most advanced equipment is available to Captain and crew, as the ship is able to navigate and be enjoyed all year round with possibility of navigation and then get into any port in the Mediterranean and overseas.

In the project of refit was the replacement of the originai engine powered with 2 new Cummins engines powerful 12 cylinder 1000 hp and eme 36000 that transformed the power towing safety in navigation, guaranteeing maximum comfort tor guests and the best optimization of consumption. The originai ducted propeller has been substituted by a couple of propellers of 1.80 m in diameter.

The engines' room, still occupying the aft mid-ship area was re-engineered and properly equipped with modem machineries and equipment. This has allowed to reduce its length to advantage of guest cabins space. lnsulation and soundproofing, limited in a commerciai vessel, have become a main requirement on MY Vervece, adopting primary rock wool insulation with lead sheets. Quilted mats with aluminized fabric coating were used to cover bulkheads under the floors with function of noise and condensation reduction. The floating floor is supported by a grillage in multi-ply okoumè plywood and rubber.

Even the exterior have been subject of substantial work. Main and upper deck have been covered with solid 1st quality teak 2" thick as in originai working vessels. Lighting is obtained by LED bulbs to allow lower power consumption (reduction of about 80%) than halogen ones.

The air conditioning system is designed to work properly even with outside temperatures of 50°C and tight potar temperatures of -45°C allowing the choice of temperature and ventilation in each cabin optimizing its use. Air treatment also ensures a very high level of comfort on board.

lnterior Conditioning systems allows different temperature settings in each roomsldeck and air treatment guarantee a very high comfort level on board.

Sail on board the Vervece is a unique experience to live the sea, it is an unforgettable journey of past atmospheres, contemporary design and modem technologies.




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