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photo of 33' Alajuela Yacht Corp. Cutter
33' Alajuela Yacht Corp. Cutter
1979 US$ 44,000

“Designer Ray Richards married traditional looks with a modern underbody to produce a nice performing cruiser suited for both coastal work and true offshore passage-making.

Richards innovated with an underwater profile was quite a radical departure from designs of the time. Rather than a conventional full keel known for excellent and safe tracking abilities, Richards relied solely on the aft shape of the hull and the shape of the skeg and rudder to maintain directional stability. The keel forefoot was substantially cut away to reduce wetted area and aid maneouverability and its profile was wide with a flat bottom to allow the hull to be well supported on the hard. The wide profile had multiple benefits. Practically, it allowed tankage, both water and fuel, to be placed inside the keel cavity which lowered the center of gravity and freed up interior space.
Chainplates were brought inboard to allow for a tighter sheeting angle to assist windward performance. And the choice was made for a cutter rig for its better balanced reefing, especially handy during offshore work. This required a small bowsprit, which was made of aluminum for extra strength.
Internally the 33 has a total of six berths, including the magical addition of twin seagoing quarter berths, that’s quite a lot for a 33 footer…The feel of the cabin is roomy and the quality of the joinery is impressive.
Under sail the Alajuela 33 is easy to single-hand, fast for her size, and her modern underbelly makes her predictably nimble in tight spaces. When Sea Magazine took the 33 for a test sail in light winds upon its debut, they described a sailboat with reasonable performance, one having a good feeling – steady and responsive with some of the driving feeling you get from a much larger boat.
Priced at the top end of the market upon its launch, the Alajuela 33 is a high quality sailboat from a boatbuilder that has garnered an excellent reputation.” Source: Bluewaterboats.org/Alajuela-33/

LOKAHI was sailed to Oahu from the Pacific Northwest in 2012. She has cruised the west coast down to Mexico and made the crossing to Hawaii twice. The current owner sailed her in the 2014 Lahaina Return race. She is a well-maintained liveaboard and island cruiser with recent overnight trips to Pokai Bay and Waimea Bay as well as frequent day sails off Waikiki. Recent maintenance includes October 2017 haul-out and bottom paint, October 2018 oil, oil filter, transmission oil, and fuel filter changes.


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