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Kiriacoulis Mediterranean image KIRIACOULIS MEDITERRANEAN CRUISES SHIPPING S.A. was established in November 1986 by Mr. Stavros Kiriacoulis, Mrs. Areti Kiriacoulis and Mr. Theofanis Kiriacoulis and operates under the Greek laws 2190/1920 (Companies Act), 438/1976, 2743/1999 and 3182/2003. The Company's registered office is situated in the municipality of Alimos-Attica at 7 Alimou Ave. The Company’s objects, according to the Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders, dated November 25, 1999, are the following:

  • to exploit its own yachts (passenger / goods transportation, towing by ships).
  • to establish offices or branches and to be represented abroad.
  • to participate in existing or newly established companies.
  • in particular, the Company’s principal activity is the exploitation of its own yachts.

    The Company’s fleet consists of 3 different categories of yachts: - sailing yachts. Vessels, mainly propelled by sail and equipped with an auxiliary motor
    - catamarans. Sailing yachts, which have two floats (hulls).
    - motor yachts. Vessels, which at any time are propelled by a motor of any kind.

    The above yachts have total length up to 20 meters and they do not have permanent crew.

    Today, thhe company is now one of the largest charter and sales companies in the world, offering you a massive choice of new or pre-owned boat to buy of charter.

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    Kiriacoulis Mediterranean

    7, Alimou Ave Alimos
    Athens, Greece 174 55

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