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BoatMart image Why should I prefer BOATMART?

Our only job has been selling boats for 25 years.
We know the market very well.
We are a company that set up the rules of second hand market for boats in Turkey.
We do all the work from documentation to payment, survey to training for you.
We provide you many alternatives from straight cash buy to trade in, etc. that no other companies offer you in Turkey. Please Click to see Boatmart methods.
We give a tailor made service that perfectly fits your needs.
We organize leasing for the boat you will buy at your discretion.
We support you with our powerful technical service team after the sale as well.
We guarantee that you will pay only one commission in a single boat purchase/sale
We give a service in world standards with reasonable prices worldwide.
We do not bother you with secret expenditures that are unknown in advance or annoying surprises.
We cannot accept a single person that is not pleased with us, as a BoatMart organization. We guarantee that your experience with BoatMart will be positive.

BoatMart image Where do the boats in BoatMart system come from?

Boats registered to our system by their owners: Most of the boats in our system are boats that are put for sale in our system, directly by their owners with a contract.
Boats that are transferred to our system by our foreign working partners: All of our working partners are chosen among experienced and prestigious broker firms or foreign brand representatives. These firms have the skills and power to realize the responsibilities on them, in Boatmart standards. Most important of all, Boartmart guarantees that both parties shall not be paid separately and only a single service fee is paid in a transaction of a boat.
Local working partners:These are boats that come from the portfolios of Turkish Brand Representative firms that we have an agreement with. Boatmart does not work with other second hand organisations in Turkey and does not share portfolio with them.
How can we sell your boat faster than you?

Actually the answer is very simple. This is not our hobby. This is our only job... We make transactions in the market every single day. We know the basic conditions for a boat to be sold. We are acquainted with local and foreign boat manufacturers. We are in constant contact with engine manufacturers, material suppliers and services. Thanks to our working partners, we are able to follow the market worldwide.

Our professional sales team introduces your boat to potential clients 358 days a year and provides right answers for all questions. Our preeminent marketing department and website matches your boat with clients, through details and images, in a comprehensive manner.

When you think about all this, our success is no miracle.

What does BoatMart do in a boat sale?

Firstly we choose the appropriate method together with you for boats valuation. Please Click for Boatmart methods.
Our expert team helps you with the market price of your boat. Please Click to set the price for your boat.
Right after registering your boat through a contract, the photos of your boat are taken and published on BoatMart website.
Parallel to this, they will also be published on BoatMart shops on websites of Yachtworld, boats.com and Sahibinden.com.
It will be announced to our list of registered members that exceed 5000 people, through Euromessage e-mail.
As soon as the potential clients enter the system, they will be informed by their representatives, through the match made by our sales authorities.
Our member clients that save their search results in BoatMart website will be automatically informed.
If it is within the expected criteria and if it is convenient for you, your boat will be invited to our open yacht market in Atak�y Marina.
Your boat will be marketed through any marketing technique that you can think of, from magazine ads to boat show stands.
When there is a prospect for your boat, BoatMart will do the negotiation for you and introduce you to the client if you like.
The necessary surveys and technical services will be provided by BoatMart. The experts for the survey and lifting and launching shall be organized by BoatMart.
The legal support required during the transactions will be given by BoatMart and contracts will be prepared by our lawyers.
All paper works will be handled under the control of our expert team. Everything will firstly be approved by us.
The most important of all, payment will be actualized by our guarantee. Thus the problem of who will pay first or make the transfer is eliminated.
Brokerage Service Fee?

Boats priced 50.000$ and over 6%
Boats between 20-50.000$ 8%
Boats priced 20.000$ and below 10%
VAT is not included in these prices.

Featured Boat
photo of 50' Princess 50
50' Princess 50
2011 €525,000


Further information for this boat and for all other used boats / Bu tekneyle ve diğer tüm 2.El tekneler ile ilgili detaylı bilgi için

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