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have been renowned for over 30 years for their racing yachts which are always successful, taking the top places in nearly all major regattas worldwide. They have also established themselves internationally as leaders in the field of fast cruising yachts and fast motor boats and series production boats.

They boast a uniquely broad spectrum of in-house competences, ranging from design and naval architecture, advanced 3D modelling and cutting geometry preparation to FEM-sup-ported structural calculations and CFD-based speed predictions.

All the essential areas of yacht development are covered, allowing them to coordinate all aspects of a design for best results.

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photo of 68' Yachtwerft Martin Tioga 18 m
68' Yachtwerft Martin Tioga 18 m
2013 €1,350,000

Zum Verkauf steht eine neuwertige 18 m Ketsch der Yachtwerft Martin, BJ 2013

„Tioga of Hamburg“ wurde im Jahr 2013 bei der Yachtwerft Martin in Radolfzell am Bodensee in Perfektion gebaut. Der Eigner wünschte sich eine Yacht, die ohne Crew auch auf langen Törns einfach zu beherrschen ist, dabei sollte das Exterieur klassisch anmuten aber Rumpfform, Rigg und Technik auf dem absolut neuesten Stand sein. Herausgekommen ist eine wunderschöne Kombination aus einem 35 mm Mahagoni/Epoxy formverleimten Rumpf mit Hubkiel, einem Kohlefaser-Ketsch-Rigg und einem detailverliebten Mahagoni-Interieur.


Vollständiges Exposé auf Anfrage.

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For sale is an as new 18 m ketch built by Yachtwerft Martin in 2013

“Tioga of Hamburg” was built in perfection by the Yachtwerft Martin in Radolfzell at Lake Constance in 2013. The owner desired a yacht which could be handled without any crew even on long term cruises. The exterior was supposed to be classic combined with a modern hull shape, rig and technical equipment. The result is a beautiful combination of a cold-molded 35 mm Mahogany/Epoxy hull with lifting keel (1,60 m - 2,95 m), a carbon-ketch-rig and an outstanding Mahogany-Interior.


Full exposé on request.

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