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Why Image Boats?

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"Welcome Aboard"
I'm Your Captain, Brent Thompson
Many times people have asked me, Why Image Boats? What makes your company different?
Well, that is a good question for any successful business owner to answer.

Why Image Boats?....

Let’s start with " Our Superior Service "
Bottom Line is, at the end of each day our success is measured by the long term relationships we have developed.
Image Boats is not restricted by a business location that is open 5 days a week from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Image Boats is available at (866) 593-5539 or (link) email Image Boats 7 days a week!

" We Package Our Boats to Sell "
It is not a secret that the consumer beats a path first to the boat with the most information, pictures and videos. Image Boats has really stepped outside of the box here!
We offer complete information, high quality/crystal clear photos, and even some 1080-HD HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO'S. This information is available to a global audience 24/7 online. Our goal is to give any potential boat shopper enough information to make a boat buying decision without physically inspecting the boat. In addition, all this can happen within minutes of 1st contact. Our boat inquires are responded to 7 days a week with a state of the art Information Packet.
(link) Request a sample Information Packet

" Our Superior Marketing "
It's just not about the number of ads placed; it's also about providing the shortest path to exactly what the consumer is looking for. Image Boats markets Unobstructed Information for all of our listings!
HERE'S WHAT NOT TO DO - Remember that boat ad with minimum information or pictures? It said call for price, call a salesmen or fill out a contact form for more information. This type of advertising produces the least buyer contact results because the buyer knows it written to produce buyer leads to commissioned salespeople. Lets face it, how many people really want to be hounded by a commissioned salesperson?
Image Boats does not have a commissioned sales force. We know what every buyer wants and we respond quickly with that information.
(link) Request a Marketing Plan

" Our Purchasing Process, no one makes it easier! "
See more at Make an Offer or we can send you an email with the offer form to complete and return.

" We Can Save You Money "
REMEMBER - Image Boats is a Boat Broker so our buyers are not required you to pay 8.25% (1/2017) NV. State sales tax like a boat dealer is required to collect. -


Image Boats of Las Vegas, Nevada
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