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Offices & Brokers

Travis Lambert
(954) 288-6992

Capt.Tony Wall
(954) 243-4078

Capt. Bill Otto
(954) 675-4169

Romeo DeMarco
(561) 789-2771

Horizon Marine Center image Travis Lambert Call 954-288-6992


Florida Yacht Broker

Employing Yacht Broker

Integrity, know-how and professionalism
Travis strives to exceed the expectations of yacht sellers and buyers with integrity while providing exceptional service and professional attention with ability to work with a variety of customers, and his love of yachting all contribute to a client-oriented, referral-based yachting service.

Horizon Marine Center image Capt.Tony Wal Call: 954-243-4078

Email: tonysailventures@aol.com

Florida Yacht Broker

Sales Executive

Professional Sailing Instructor

Capt.Tony Wall provides his clients with professional, as well as caring service.
A published author of books and magazine articles, Tony Wall, a accomplished multi-talented individual with strong management, communication and motivational skills. Yacht delivery, (coastal and blue water) captained services (private, group and corporate), instruction

Horizon Marine Center image Capt.Bill Otto Call: 954-675-4169

Email: captbotto@gmail.com

Florida Yacht Broker

Sales Executive

Capt. Bill Otto provides exceptional yachting service.
Capt.Bill has the ability to work with a variety of customers, product knowledge , international travel experience and passion for yachting .

Horizon Marine Center image Romeo DeMarco Call: 561-789-2771


Florida Yacht Broker

Sales Executive

Romeo has a thorough knowledge of the quality, mechanics and yacht maintenance, he is honest and forthright with his clients.
Romeo provides professional,as well as caring service.

Romeo DeMarco is also licensed Realtor working with Regency Realty in Boca Raton.

With hisbackground as a Marine Technician and Real Estate investor, Romeo can assist you in the sale of your home or boat and also help you prepare your home or boat for sale.
Because of my background as a Marine Technician, I can also do inspections and surveys on any boat that you are considering to make sure it is mechanically and electrically sound.


Horizon Marine Center

2800 Marina Mile Boulevard #118
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, United States

Tel (954) 288-6992
Fax (954) 678-3935
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