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Frank Gordon Yacht Sales image Frank Gordon began his career in the yacht brokerage business in the late 1950’s. He worked as Sales Manager for Welch Marine, which was the largest Hatteras dealer at that time. In 1969, he opened his own brokerage business at Harbor West in Ft. Lauderdale, and over the years, his knowledge in the business has become legendary. Repeat business is his goal and he has sold dozens of boats to the same family, from father to son. After thousands of sales, he has never been in a law suit over a boat purchase. He would much rather have a satisfied buyer and seller and their referrals and future business. Frank Gordon Yacht Sales, Inc. is located at 2300 E. Las Olas Blvd. 3E, in Ft. Lauderdale, and has many hardworking associates scattered throughout boating centers all over the US. Frank Gordon is a well known and trusted name throughout the industry.


Hopefully at 67 you can look back and see the central role you have played in this business. Before there was any MLS there was Frank Gordon. You were like the Public Library, if you didn't have access to Frank Gordon, you were screwed.

If you walked up to anyone who has been a broker for 20 years and said "name three brokers who have had an impact on this business" my guess is your name would be number one, and they would have trouble of thinking of any others.

Mike Joyce
President/CEO Colonial Yacht Sales/Hargrave Yachts

A Legend of Fort Lauderdale
By John Pribik

A kid from Brooklyn living in a four story walk up next to an “L” with open windows and no fans, falls in love with boats and a dream.
With a desire to leave a hard time area begin a career by moving boats around in Sheepshead Bay, New York. I passerby watches as he docks a boat and approaches … the passerby asked are you a "Captain" and the kid said no. The passerby the owner of a Trumpy said I like the way you handle a boat would you like to work for me as a Captain? The kid said yes but I am not a Captain…The owner said I’ll buy you a hat.

So begins a change in life story of Frank Gordon leaving the hard luck area of Brooklyn and onto an adventure that spans (5) five decades.
Frank arrives in Florida after a long journey through the intracoastal water ways and arriving in Fort Lauderdale Fl as he describes it as "paradise." With a desire never to return to Brooklyn he begins a career that leads him into the Yacht Brokerage business.
What does Frank bring with him that gives him the skill and knowledge of a growing and fascination industry? Good business sense, honesty and a passive aggressive way about him that over the years have afforded thousands of repeat customers.
Frank with his record keeping skills, accurate way of accounting, posting facts, figures, location, condition and owner history onto a 3 ring binder system that proceeds the central listing system of today. Other brokers begin to value Frank’s methods and if you were looking for a Yacht in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area you called Frank.
That begins the brokerage sharing central system all by phone, mail and stored 3 ring binders… Technology introduces the fax machine and more dealer become involve in sharing listings. Frank grows well into the 1980’s with his system and national exposure to all around the country. Frank goes on to train many brokers in his career and who have spun off to begin there own brokerage. You can still find older brokers in many parts of the country that will say Frank Gordon was one of the few that would help another broker when they started out… Frank helped many...

Frank Gordon celebrating his 70th birthday Aug 5, 2010 and still loves selling boats…a Dream come true!

Happy Birthday Frank and many more!

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